They Entered The Old Allegedly Haunted Mansion On A Dare And Were Lucky To Make It Out Alive!


Most communities around the world have that one place, be it a house, a graveyard, a secluded stretch of highway that is allegedly “haunted.” Teenagers love to take dares and visit these places and see if they are brave enough to do so. There’s one such location that has been running visitors away for going on two hundred years.

The Barton Mansion in Redlands, California was erected in 1859. Upon completion, it became the home of Dr. Benjamin Parmenter Barton III, who made his millions in the slippers and linseed oil business. Even since days of old, the mansion was rumored to be haunted. Here’s an actual picture dating way back to the beginning of the last century, allegedly, showing the ghost that haunts the mansion.

barton mansion 4

By day, the mansion is a beautiful brick structure that most people would love to live in.

barton mansion 2

But by night, it takes balls the size of grapefruit to enter the mansion. Two friends did so several years back, but what chased them out of the house was no friend at all. Have a look at the short clip below, and let us know if you think this ghost is real or a hoax.

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