These States Are Castrating Violent Sex Offenders And Another State Wants To Join


Many people, for years, have demanded that violent sexual criminals be castrated, not only as punishment for their heinous crimes, but also to ensure that they will not repeat the offense in the future. Once upon a time this was par for the course, and it still is in many third world nations, but the West seems to have become anti-barbaric in regard to dishing out this punishment, even though the offenders are no less than barbaric themselves.

Oklahoma State Senator Mark Allen is supporting a bill in his state that would require repeat offenders, upon their second offense, to be castrated. The bill would also allow for first time offenders to be voluntarily castrated. Eight States, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin already have this law in place, though most Americans outside of those states are unaware of this.

Unfortunately, for Senator Allen, the Oklahoma State Senate shot down his proposal for mandatory castration of violent sex offenders by a vote of 5-4. However, he is determined not to give up.

David Slane, a lawyer who’s represented more than 500 sex offenders in his career said this of the proposal:

“I remember one in particular who told me he went to his doctor voluntarily. He used this hormone therapy and, as he said, ‘It cured me. I no longer have the thoughts. I no longer have the sex drive.’ For years afterwards he had never reoffended. So to me, that was proof in the pudding. There may be something here.”
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