These Liberals Facebook Posts About Dead Texans Will Infuriate You!


Our hearts and prayers are with the great people of the great state of Texas right now, as always. What is sickening, is how many liberals, folks who consider themselves ‘intellectually elite’ and Texans to be ‘intellectually inferior’ have jumped on the travesties that this great state is currently experiencing- floods, damn breaks, possible martial law in the upcoming days, etc.- as a way of poking fun.

The following memes and insults about Texans, and what they are going through with their current disaster, were left on the Facebook page Operation Jade Helm And Beyond. Frankly, I saw we all go there and call these trolls out!

From Matt T.

So Texas’ lawmakers voting down infrastructure repair funds on their out dated and aging dams and levies has nothing to do with them failing? It’s all the federal government’s fault, specifically Obamas for the floods. These are some of the biggest flood surges ever seen in this state on record, yet climate change is non-existent? No, you’re right… This is all the Feds doing and no responsibility through your own government. I hope you enjoy my federal income taxes that will now be funding your state.

From Bridgette P.


From Stanley W.

Hey Texas, where’s your God now? It’s called ‘weather!’ D’ah!

From Alex A.

Hey Texas, now you have some giant water to go with that giant toast!

From Anthony P.

Don’t worry about the floods, Texas. You still have your guns.


From Arlene S.

Hey Texas, you believe in God’s wrath. Do you think maybe that’s why your getting what you’re getting? For the way you judge everyone else who isn’t just like you?

The list goes on, but they are all equally disgusting. This is sickening, and it disgusts me how when tragedy hits a foreign nation, like a Tsunami in Indonesia, or a Hurricane in the Philippines, liberals are quick to shout, “Help them! Help them! We’re all one race! The human race!” But when tragedy hits one of our own states, just because it happens to be Texas, they are so quick to make fun and ridicule. There is nothing American about that at all! You should all be ashamed of yourselves!


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  • Frank Mitchell Sr.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ,keep you safe.I for one know the feeling going through Katrina and Rita here in Louisiana. My prayers and those of my Church go out to you all.

  • Deborah

    ANY “real American” would ever say these ridiculous remarks about a state in their nation. Sounds like a bunch of commies that need to be deported to the Middle East-

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Somebody do an EEG on Obummer’s frontal lobes NOW!!

  • Sean

    Hey y’all!!! Go fuck yourselves!!! Sincerely, TEXAS!

  • P Tyler

    Hey brainless morans, go funk yourself … Liberals are nothing more than cowardly Imbreds ..