There Are Less Than 24 Hours to Go Until September 23, 2015!!! Are You Ready???


Is September 23, 2015 a global Day of Atonement? Or just another day?

All the Internet predictions for Doomsday are converging in less than 24 hours. Here are the questions that will be answered tomorrow:

Will CERN open the Gates of Hades on September 23, 2015?

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, rebuilt its Large Hadron Collider, making it twice as powerful. Experiments with the giant collider have already led to the discovery of the God Particle, the building block of all reality. But now the CERN scientists are using the machine to search for ‘dark matter’ – a previously undetectable substance that many scientists believe makes up most of matter in the universe. They also are looking for a force called “dark energy”.

These experiments may create black holes right here on Earth. Eminent physicist Stephen Hawking has warned that black holes can create gateways to alternate universes. If CERN’s Large Hadron Collider creates a black hole, many fear they might open a portal to a parallel Universe or another dimension. Or maybe even the Gates of Hades?

Google Earth still thinks the door will open to Hell. Type in ‘Gates of Hades’ in the Google Earth search bar and Google Earth takes you to CERN’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. And if you type in September 23 2015 or 23 September 2015 or 23 9 2015 or 2015/9/23, Google Earth takes you to CERN headquarters as well.

Some people think that Google uses an algorithm that connected the date ‘September 23, 2015’ from various cosmic disaster predictions on the Internet with the CERN location. According to this theory, once that connection was made, it created a reinforcing, positive feedback loop. But other people are convinced s really a secret Doomsday message.

Will there be a “false flag” nuclear attack on NYC on September 23, 2015?

The Internet has been buzzing with predictions of a “false flag” nuclear attack on New York City on September 23, 2015. This would be an attack on New York City by our own government. But someone else would be blamed, such as a foreign power or terrorists. According to false flag theorists, the nuclear attack would be used as an excuse by the government to impose martial law and revoke civil liberties.

No one knows if a nuclear attack on New York is less than 24 hours away, or who would be behind it. But if you think New York City may get nuked in the near future, you’re in good company. So does President Obama.

Last year the President caused an uproar when he identified a nuclear attack as the number one national security threat to the United States.

“I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan,” he said.

And then Former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly went on the record. He said the threat of a nuclear attack on New York City is very real.

“I don’t think we should sugarcoat the threat. We’ve had 16 bomb plots against the city since September 11, (2001),” he said. “This is where they want to come. It’s seen as the cultural capital — the economic capital of the world — and we’re at risk.”

Will an asteroid hit Puerto Rico on September 23, 2015?


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  • Katrina Blakely Dunkin

    Typed in the Google Earth info and it did NOT take me to those places…so that discredits everything.

  • Bigteeny

    Nothing has happened

  • Jason

    Rick Schmoe- That was probably the dumbest shit I have ever read, and I ask you to give me 2 minutes of your life for wasting 2 of mine. It was like a B rate inbread Mel Gibson wrote that.
    Christian nation? We never were in the first place. Didn’t mean to drop a big turd in your Fox News laden punch.

    I have a suggestion- go travel the world and see how it really is through your own eyes. Its not the ‘Murican hating society that your boob tube depicts it as being. I have a feeling that you dont travel outside this country much- and if you did you woud see who is really the master of puppets.
    Youre a coward- and Im ashamed to be a fellow citizen of yours. Im a country boy, have worked & supported the system for years, had high hopes and was told my whole life the same old shit everyday.
    I’m done with this ignorance of being told what to wear, buy, eat, and how to live my life in this country. We are being manipulated by corperations who own this country now. You’ve been lied to your whole life, its time for your awakening.
    This country has and always will be built on war & fear. You are drinking the Kool-Aid and thumping the shit outta that bible. No one cares anymore and youre a dying breed of close minded ignorance. Youve been spoon fed regurgitated political vomit, the same that was used for Vietnam, Desert Storm, and whatever the names were of the last 2 invasions for oil & heroin were called.
    Killing of innocent people? I suggest you do your reseach on just how many innocent people this country has killed starting with Native Americans.
    Keep the boarders open- white people are lazy & fat, and dont want to work. Dont believe me? Go to any rural Wal-Mart. That IS the future of America, and lets make sure we keep this generation of entitled, fat, greasy, lazy, ignorant, hateful, fearful, egotistical, self-absorbed, selfy taking jack-off’s firmly written in the history books. It will be my favorite chapter of just how dumb this society has become to trust their news, corperations, government, and militry.
    ALL THE THINGS OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WARNED US ABOUT, AND EVEN WERE NICE ENOUGH TO RECORD IT ON A PIECE OF HEMP IN 1776. The people run this shit, but you seem to think some guy in the White House does. Youre wrong again- the banks & corperations do (so, youre fucked).
    Do me a favor- quit you shit job tomorrow where youre making someone else rich, sell your TV, shut off your cable, start reading books that are not involving politics, then go live your life of freedom.
    Stop being a scared little bitch.

  • Doug Deakin

    Hey Dumbasses! We’re still here!