The TRUTH About Patriot Militias That Obama Hopes You Will NEVER See

truth about militias

A massive movement of patriot militias has taken place since Barack Hussein Obama was first elected President in 2008. Though the mainstream media, and Hussein Obama himself, would like for you to believe that all of the patriot militia members are white supremacist types, nothing could be further from the truth. As this documentary shows, the militias are made up of Americans across many different ethnic backgrounds, with one common goal; defense of the Constitution and the American way of life. The only group that is not accepted into the militias is Muslim Americans, and this, because unlike the Federal Government understands, is because the militias understand that Muslims will give all loyalty to their religious beliefs before they will the one true God and the American way of life.

Correspondent¬†Gianna Toboni, of the television show “Vice” recently went on location with a patriot militia group and she came out with a view of our organizations that the Obama administration does NOT want you to have. It’s almost chilling to hear her at the end talking about our main objective; preparing for a day that we hope never comes.

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  • Vernon Hill

    please put me on your email list.
    Vernon Hill

  • JimiMiddleFinger

    “One true god”….pfft! I’d fight beside a Muslim.American before jews and.most Christians. Why?? Because they’ll stand and fight. Not hide in rheir houses on their knees.

    • John

      Hey middlefinger first you get one. next get the hell out of the U.S if you have no respect for Americans there are no muslims that aren’t peaceful or so they say. And the Jews will kickass against the muzzies every time.

    • Shawn Morris

      Please…You don’t know very many Christians or Jews. One of the Toughest military’s in the world is one of the smaller ones, The Israeli Military. So you can take you rhetoric an flush it with the rest of your crap.

    • Joey Machete

      No. I’m Catholic n I hate Muslims. But I will take a bullet for Muhammad himself so he can live to fight another day. I will fight aside by side with gays trannies n Muslims since we are AMERICANS n fight for ultimate good

  • Matt Luft

    Im willing to fight and defend the constatution from all foreign and domestic enemy’s. Our government is the biggest threat to this in my opinion.

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  • Robert Meadows

    It is without a doubt that the politicians have robed this country,and lined their pockets. Its time that we have term limits. I was born in a war lived in a war through all my life,I am ashamed that what our Country has come too. What this so called president has done, allowing illegal’s in this country and bringing them by plane, train buying 3 billion dollar’s in extra large coffin’s ordering billions of rounds ammo, giving police Dept’s miltary equipment. costing America trillions in taxes. With all this, and more it will bring down America like the Roman empire and make it a third world Country

    I pray that all true patriots Men and Women will rise up and bring this
    country back. I am ready to the call of Duty and to keep that oath that I
    swore to uphold.

  • I’ve very interested in any updates or training this group of Patriots are doing. I have discussed the Patriots often with my sons who both were in the Army and let them know how I feel about what is going wrong with my Country and our government. I’ve made it known, if anyone comes to my home for my little self protection pistol, no you can’t have it, and I’m prepared to stand my ground. I’m 75, a Viet Nam war Sgt. Maj. with 27 years in the Army widow. I have no qualms about Obama whom I absolutely hate with my every being for what he is doing and going to do I’m sure. I don’t like the idea of living only 30 miles from training camp and I don’t like the idea that we have so many in the U. S., and to claim them no go zones, surely rubs me the wrong way. I’m in my last years I know, I’m not afraid to say what I think to whomever I think needs my voice. I do not like one little bit how the Muslim community is trying in every aspect of we citizens life to change we Americans to have to bow down to them and change our way of life to theirs. I know what the beautiful city of Dearborn, Mi has become. This will get my attention real quick should I be confronted with it. I was born and raised in Michigan, though I don’t now, taught at an early age to shoot and hunt by my father, he bought me my first 410 when I was 12 and taught me how to use it as well as his pistol he had. My training was for hunting for food to feed a family of 8 but I learned and I’ve not forgotten for one minute how to use a firearm. I have known about the Patriot organization for quite some time and have said prayers that it will be all of you who will be our savior, when Obama decides it’s time to claim Marshall Law and in my heart I think that’s what he is up to, so he will not have to leave our White House. He truly needs to be held for treason before his term is up and dealt with harshly.
    I look forward to getting email comments and new posts so just maybe I can feel even more protected. Thank you all for what you are doing to protect us.
    Edith Lamrouex

    • Dyno Don

      First let me say thankyou for all of your sacrifices. I hope your kids figure it all out and make the right choices. If not i will hopefully have a chance in eternity. God bless and happy mothers day. Thanks again..

    • John

      Good for you Edith. There are more of us that feel as you do than odumbo or the muslims think.

    • Brian Killian

      Thanks for your service to our country. So far I have found mossy of them are lead by veterans. Some however I have become very leary as they seem to be more for the police state than the Constitution which is apparent in there actions or rather inactions

  • ad me to the list as well

  • Allen Best

    add me to the list

  • Selmir Must

    So I guess since I was born and raised Muslim I wouldn’t be able to join your group??? No discrimination ? Not a hate group? Even if I’m ready to die protecting this country her people and constitution From ENEMIES Foreign AND domestic even if they are my friends or family I would still not be able to join because of my background?? How Christian and American of you. You shouldn’t call your self patriot group. No wonder there is always five or ten people in your meetings. Maybe if you change your narrow minded views you would attract more good American patriots to join your cause. One true god? You judging Muslims for their loyalty to their beliefs while you saying your true God. I was religious but then I grew up and started to have some common sense and realized that the whole thing was story for little children. So in my opinion whether you jew Muslim or Christian and you believe that only your god is true God to me you are all insane. This is not about religion or left and right , black and white. This is about everyone’s freedom , rights and preserving this great country to what it stands for. I came here in 1997 and I’ve seen steady decline in quality of life. Starting with bill Clinton , Nafta and export of American jobs to everywhere else except here to George Bush and patriot act , illegal wars and bail out to the present asshole who is pretty much putting icing on the cake and finishing job his predecessors started. Now, I hear you talk about communism and facsizam and how you gonna do everything to stop it but you aren’t doing anything except running your mouths. You think you know but you don’t. If you truly knew what’s at stake your asses would be driving toward D.C. and once for all stop this nonsense. I grew up in communist country. I know how it is when you can’t say or do anything for the fear of getting your head bashed in or god forbid being taken in the middle of the night and never returned to your family. I was I young kid but I remember people that stood up against it. I didn’t understand at the time but now I do. It’s hard to have nothing and not even enough food because everything belongs to government while you watching same guy being in power for 35 years driving classic cars, smoking Cubans , wearing most expensive suits and banging underage girls. I will die before I ever have to live like that. And BTW in bosnia in 93 and 94 I fought against Muslims even tho I was a Muslim. So if I can’t be part of your little group because of who I am, fuck you , I don’t want it anyways. There is plenty of good Americans that would take people like me to help standing up to this tyrannical government.

    • Ron Morisseau

      Ahhhh wall of text

    • vechel

      Nothing says you can;t form your own group of muslins to defend the usa so get busy and do it so you can get the work you want done I wish you all the luckin the world

      • Selmir Must

        That wasn’t my point. I don’t wanna form group of “muslims” , Christians or jews. This is something that should unite all ” Americans ” for a common cause regardless of color or creed.

        • vechel

          see your point but considering the news reports about muslins you have to understand history, blacks , mexicans, chinese, and more then i can name have built the way averyone thinks nowdays . When I was growing up ,i never knew not to play withblack kids, mexicans neither , but was told to stay in my group. just saying that to show it is the way some think. I am 75 and have been in life a lot , I know what it does to people . hope for the best.

    • Joey Machete

      Sir. I don’t like Muslims period. I am Catholic. But I would not hesitate to stand side by side with you. You are a real American. Welcome to the U. S. I’m glad you are here !

      • Selmir Must

        Thank you sir. I do kinda see the point in what gentleman from earlier said , it’s rough watching all this and not be able to do or say anything because everyone is worried about political correctness and not to step on anyone’s toes or being accused racist. I don’t blame any group of people for this. I think the biggest threat to this country are the people on Capitol Hill and white house , for letting this nonsense getting this far. Looks like these days it’s better to be anything but a true patriot and American. I don’t know what happen but it wasn’t always like this, people had balls, they were able to stand up for something they believed in and voice their opinion. Either way, there is no other place I would rather be then here and if I have to pay for future generations to live in America that I used to know, so be it. This country was good to me and I wasn’t even born here. There is no other place on earth that treats outsiders as good as usa.

        • Joey Machete

          USA has your back if you have ours.

  • Henry Warden

    Sign me up