The Ten Worst Bon Jovi Tatoos Ever?

bj 10

There are fans, and then there are fanatics. I would say that anyone who gets the name of their favorite band tattooed somewhere on their body is the latter. Especially if they don’t check the grammar of said tattoo, as the idiot who got the tattoo above obviously did not. Let’s have a look at nine more, and let us know in the comment section which one is the worst Bon Jovi tattoo on our list. Personally, we think the one above takes the cake.

2-  Okay, this one’s actually not bad. And though that song never made it to number one, it’s one of their best efforts, in my humble opinion.

bj 2

3- This one’s not so bad either, just fading with time. But as Jon would say, it’s “not old, just older.”

bj 3

4- Okay, two words. Tramp Stamp! Don’t you hate it when you see that hot girl in the gym, then she bends over to pick up a dumbbell and you see one of these? All those thoughts of a nice girl to take home to meet mom go right out the window.

bj 4

5- Problem here is that the face is sagging with age a whole lot more than Jon’s real face actually is.

bj 5

6- Okay, you could have chosen ‘Slippery When Wet’ or ‘New Jersey’ or even ‘These Days’ but you chose that album to keep on your ankle for life? Come on, two decent hits and the rest was B side material!

bj 6

7- Okay, the problem with this one isn’t necessarily the tattoo but the owner. She’s going to have some pretty high standards in men that no one but Jon or Ritchie could stack up to.

bj 7

8- Now this one is original. Lyrics! These five words I swear to you…

bj 8

9- Not a bad cartoon character of our man.

bj 9

10- That’s a lot of skin space to give a band. Hope they never go out of style, but as the boys from Jersey have proven for the past almost four decades, they probably won’t.

bj 1

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