The Ten Coolest Ways To Reuse Your Coffee Grounds!


Did you know that in the U.S., a full half of the population over the age of 18 drinks coffee? That’s a lot of grounds being thrown out. Tons and tons!

Did you further know that by throwing out your coffee grounds, you’re missing out on some amazing recycling opportunities that are healthy for you and the environment? Let’s have a look at ten other ways you could use those coffee grounds other than just fodder for your waste basket.

#1- Make a coffee spray mist by adding the grounds to water in a spray bottle and then go to town spraying down your garden for a supercharged effect! It will really brighten those already bright colors.

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#2- Change the actual color of your hydrangeas. Hydrangeas as very sensitive to soils ph and coffee will change the ph as such that your blue hydrangeas will actually turn pink. It won’t hurt them at all, merely change their color.

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3- Keep cats from using your garden as a litter box and ruining your flowers and vegetables by sprinkling your coffee grounds around your garden. Cats hate the smell of coffee and it will drive them all away, unless their name is Garfield.

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4- Coffee grounds make for the perfect flea bath for your best friend.

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5- Use the grounds to scrub caked and baked on pots and pans.

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6- Fill an old (but clean) sock with coffee grounds and place it in a pair of smelly sneakers. It will absorb the stink and you can wear them more without being embarrassed or offensive.

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7- Wash your hands with coffee grounds and water after cutting garlic and onions and the smell comes right off!

fresh garlic fruits with green parsley

8- Next time you bake cookies, put some coffee grounds in the dough for extra flavor and an extra energy kick!

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9- Believe it or not, you can even wash your hair with coffee grounds. They take out the extra grease that shampoo will not.

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10- And finally, you can mix those used coffee grounds with sea salt and make a great skin exfoliate.

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