The Reason The Marines Rejected This Patriot For Enlistment Will Make Your Blood Boil!

Capture2Could the Marine Corps’ policy actually be considered discrimination?

Anthony Bauswell, an 18 year-old from Greenbrier, Arkansas, said the Marine Corps recruiter saw his body art and said, “DQ, just automatically DQ”.

“I felt pretty low,” Bauswell told KARK. “My own government wasn’t going to let me serve my country because of the ink on my skin.” 

He was turned down by the Marines because of his “Southern Pride” Confederate flag tattoo.

The policy for tattoos in the Marine Corps states that body art that is “sexist, racist, eccentric or offensive in nature” is not allowed.

“I definitely don’t want it to be seen as racism, which is 99% of the reason I got southern pride on it,” Bauswell told KARK.  An updated tattoo policy is expected from the Corps soon, to make it more clear.

Any change in the policy will probably not help Anthony Bauswell, who says he feels like his future is in limbo.

“I kind of felt like I had a plan for my life, and now that I can’t go, I am not sure where I stand,” he told KARK.

How do you feel about the Marines turning down this young patriot warfighter over his pride of his southern roots?

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