The New Black Panthers Pick A Fight With The KKK At Confederate Flag Rally!!!



The KKK and the New Black Panthers got into it with each other on Saturday. The KKK was at the South Carolina Statehouse to protest the confederate flag being taken down there. The police were made to step in as arguments and then rocks being thrown at each other.


The flag was removed as the result of the massacre at a black church in Charleston that claimed the lives of nine people back in June.

The crowd reached around 2,000 at its peak, according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. Authorities ended the rally an hour early. Five people were arrested and at least one physical clash broke out. Photos also emerged of protesters tearing up a Confederate flag.

Bottom line is- the Blacks were shouting BLACK POWER and KILL WHITEY- that’s okay??? I don’t think so. And the KKK dudes were slamming Blacks with racial slurs as well. Is that okay??? No. But this is all the result of Obama’s divide and conquer strategy. He couldn’t give a rat’s a** about Black Americans. And as far as White Americans go you can forget about it.

The Confederate flag is not about racism. But it has been unfairly assaulted by the left and very effectively I will say. So, people are angry and rightly so. And THAT is what Obama wants.



KKK Goes Toe To Toe With Black Panthers At Confederate Flag Rally… (Video)


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