The End Of Time Is Coming In September???


Could you feed your family for a year? That’s the question that is being asked quite a bit here lately. There seems to be a school of thought that the United States and the world is getting ready to face some difficult times in the very near future. There is the threat of a meteoroid hitting the earth around September 23, 2015, causing either major earthquakes, tsunamis or both! The planet Nibiru has been causing problems already. There have been reports of debris from Nibiru landing in Iran, causing temperatures in the affected area to spike, raising the heat index to 165 degrees. Allegedly, this happened this past Friday.

Others feel that an economic collapse is on the verge of hitting the world. There has been talk about Pope Francis looking to start a New World Order on September 25, 2015. Others think that God has had enough and is ready to have Jesus come back for his chosen people, the saved, and take them home to Heaven. Revelation may be upon us.

Any way you look at it, normal life here on Earth may come to an end once September has come and gone.  So if this does happen, are you ready for it? People are now storing foods that will sustain them if we do have some kind of emergency. The prepper sites are either running low or are out of stock with with most products on weeks of back order or even longer.

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