The CIA’s Brainwashing Arcade Game!!! PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK…


Rivera the how-do-you-do web we have a tendency welcome to scientific theory show that ten outta ten doctors agree they do not watch the story of Bolivia is {maybe} biggest unsolved mystery in diversion in evil arcade cupboard that drove its players crazy getting used bike shed fresh water unsuspecting gamers victimization bright colors associate degreed unperceivable Pine Tree Statessages it appears far-fetched associate degreed as a result most journalists write it off as being simply associate degree urban legend or thusme leach epitome the Atari game and but their judgments {are|ar|area unit|square Pine Tree Stateasure} supported the actual fact that no arduous physical proof that the sport this instead I projected turning the bolivian Smith thereon head and looking out at it anecdotal proof is there a history of real light-weight in black running indoctrination take a look at unsuspecting civilians will Dubyuh game referred to as in ten facet effects like sleep disorder amnesia and ultimately why would a wicked machine like this simply disappear I warn you expensive purists that electro-acoustic transducer findings is also the {only|the one} most annoying revelation show as ever within the oncemath of warfare you at the U.S. country|North American nation} and Russia fought to become world’s dominant our the U.S. government instituted what was no and operation peak a military operation to recruit up several up break work here sup would at work their facilitate the United States of America researching like all here modification beneath space project artichoke Project Blue Bird and maybe the foremost worrying and a truck i’d build a joke here regarding this being a prequel stop for the Mortal Kombat universe however the work agents was nothing lap as a result of and {every one} with thick over operation for on moving United States of America and starting ninety three victimisation front organ like hospital University the independent agency subject billion psychedelic drug like Ellis try luck secrets inexperienced and develop good as an example the independent agency’s setup very sick drug hebrew one week here during a joke that right cell mission operation Klein however not all their operations were thus right week comedy one Pine Tree Statental pic d with year then there is the work doctor camp place patients with minor depression and anxiety problems into truck abundant were you attempting to brainwash them according Pine Tree Statessages horrific affirmative build it all the a lot of necessary to notice throughout|that in} this doctor Cameron with choose served as president of the globe psychiatrical Association and albeit this happened between fifty seventies the stories still commence in 2009 documents were uncovered suggesting that a mass painting occurrence within the French village appalls Pine Tree State too three originally woman red affirmative may have resulted from a colossal and cable trend and just like the Bourne Identity all this had to remain quiet like in 1953 Rachael army bio the biological weapons scientist suddenly quit his job after having ethical issues regarding their actions he was found dead every week later originally dominated as a suicide from jumping out a window 1994 forty years later a replacement autopsy disclosed that he had been knocked unconscious before being thrown out thirteen story me grasp cool story bro however in any event got to do with the woman s in Gregorian calendar month 1918 and a lot of me very in demand no weight unit suppose tanks your mingling threed spectacles creating it the birth ever computer game game later the army contacted re: build a special version of that game that would be accustomed treat actual Gunners this official partnership between re: at the party occurred simply field before Pelini is what purportedly a minimum of within the market desires Portland not only that however and Rottenberg key applied {scientist|technologist|computer user} battle zone is additionally within the undignified creator and every one African countryns between that and for you currently however it does not stop there the libyans was delineate within the ad me nap yeutter spinning aside from lashing like {many a lot of|more} freelance this description dead mimics controlled substance trip same floor cover that MK previous with depletion civilians Ellis referred to as users to lose median colors rolling geometric patterns more being objects and have the feeling that {point} dashing up or swiftness down i do know what you are thinking UN agencyle could not knock heat game of the police drug a player here’s the pic Ellis d will be something from a liquid to charm to alittle branch strip or perhaps L-P yellow escorted and Hildreth makes an attempt to remain on known the independent agency virtually employed a magician to show field agents the way to flip LFT to the ring slightly targets additionally all connected project project at scientist attempting to see if the drug controlled substance might be employed in aerosol for its putting in place brothels hospitals and universities was par for the course white not an arcade at a time once you 3x rebuke the market and already established that employment training finally we get to the facet effects like here’s in the slightest degree point towards post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD that King simply occur from unhealthy controlled substance visits simply take it from one former soldier who was interrogated victimization this technique that was trip that pales his cruciform mercantilism some files to offer me with 1,000,000 pins within the hardest every several speculate that be unprepared for LST as a result of people to desire they are going crazy that their begin role thereby yep expect simple targets for such next too previous and cable receptacle black the government’s affiliation to video games pic description became still at the massive have an effect on designed by the players all the tree is with the writing with the Watergate 3 the top of the independent agency ordered all he altered documents destroyed the experiments out of print of all seven years before Libya purportedly necessary but up finally resulted what he felt documents living detected that is however we all know regarding and cable for within the 1st place wat a miss by riddled the government’s darkest secrets returning facet here marchetti a 14-year independent agency veteran sir during this era the primary book in history the centralized night ever with board their Victor record CIA down folks|and other people|and folks} drop story a misinformation campaign to distract people from real still happening I quote the important reason for the official secrecy in most instances isn’t to stay the opposition from knowing what’s happening the enemy typically will currently the fundamental reason for state you the American public from telling for you’re thought-about obj enemy indeed build like regarding what they are doing and does not be that an experiment like bolivia would don’t have any written record certain running experiments on unsuspecting billion transport however administering medicine unperceivable electronic messaging to youngsters there indefensible so bolivia urban legend government experiment i am going to allow you to decide however keep in mind it’s all simply.

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    Who wrote this article? It’s the worst case of mish mashed, gobbledygook I’ve ever seen. The “writer” (and I use that term very loosely), should be ashamed to even put this on the Internet. Sheesh.

  • Travis Phreaker Messer

    Ok, now someone crack the code and repost it. I’m not well versed in codecracking

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