“The Big Event”!!! As Told By NAVY SEAL…The End Is Here!!!




The big event! This has been talked about for years now. There is a meteorite that has entered Earth’s orbital plane. This is something that has happened in the past, experts say every hundred or thousand years or so. The problem is, that this time, it is on a direct path with the earth.

We have seen this predicted for years in movies, an example being the movie Armageddon. The meteorite is being called Planet X, or Nibiru, and it is on course to slam into Earth causing damage that none of us have ever seen. There are those that think this will be the end of time as predicted in the Bible.

The powers that be don’t have a plan as to what to do. They are scared and are panicking now. The thought process is that this will happen very soon, by the end of this year for sure, but probably in September. It has been said that it is the reason the Jade Helm exercise that is happening here and around the world is taking place. It is also the reason for all of the FEMA Camps and supplies that the government has been stockpiling.

In the Video, it goes deeper into what I have discussed.

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“Big Event” Explained by Navy Seal


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  • Mike Davis

    ok Chicken Little, the sky is falling. No evidence no truth. .

  • blakout

    Meteoroid: rocky or nickel-iron object in space
    Meteor: rocky or nickel-iron object glowing upon entry into atmosphere
    Meteorite: rocky or nickel-iron object after it has impacted the ground.
    Asteroid: big metoroid

  • Dinah

    This is last years news and this thing was destroyed by a laser but the media said it just disintegrated when it went behind the Sun…okayyy, whatever….

  • William Kananen

    Stop the world I want to get off!

  • William Wilson

    Then send all the battle fleets that they say we launched in 1984. it was on Coast To Coast Last week.