The Biblical Enlightenment


Have you ever wondered what the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was all about? I sure did. Try this out for size…

It was a gift.

Riddle me this, Batman: If this forbidden fruit was sooo dangerous, why put it in the garden in the first place?[1] Note that this problem only occurs in the second of the two Creation tales in the Bible and Torah. The first tale makes no mention of this deadly tree, and states that God gave the entirety of the Garden to Mankind.[2]

Ignoring the notion that there are two conflicting Creation narratives in Genesis, suppose that this Tree of Good and Evil was an endowment, and not a curse after all. The serpent, arguably a loyal servant of God,[3] must have been a salivating wolf in the chicken coop that was naïve, young Eve. Without sufficient knowledge (of good and evil), she was defenseless against that sly and seductive schemer! It would seem that in giving it to her, the serpent defeated its own presumably evil scheme… or did it obediently ensure that she got what she needed to survive her own devious, wicked children?

Wear your enlightened reason well, friends… it is your defense against exploitation. The next time someone suggests that the Genesis tale teaches us about the Fall of Mankind, give them this evidence to the contrary.

Peace be With You.

[1] Genesis 2:17

[2] Genesis 1:29

[3] Job 1

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