Terrifying Jade Helm Update! Hundreds Of Shackle Cars Spotted!


The news in regard to all things frightening, pertaining to Jade Helm, only gets louder and more fierce. Recently, the online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond received the following message from an anonymous tipster:

I live on Main east /west line for Santa Fe R.R. This came by very slowly about 2:00 this afternoon, it was probably 150-200 cars long and ALL the cars were from every. Railroad co. In North America, Canada & Mexico.
Shackle cars perhaps? The train was moving very slow as if looking for a siding.

The informant sent pictures to back up their claim. Here are just a few:




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  • Brenda Stanbery

    people, people. these ARE in fact auto transport cars and the majority of the vehicles being transported are flood outs from all the water we have had. they are on their way to MEXICO!

    • James Orcutt

      Brentwood calif. Yesterday going west to bay area.
      Hundred plus.
      Video at YouTube james orcutt