Teen Dies After Collapsing At Home. That’s When Police See How Much Deodorant is On the Floor

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Sixteen year old Thomas Townsend was not unlike many teen boys who aren’t too hip with keeping up with personal hygiene. His mother said he hated to take showers, and would often mask his pungent body odors by applying tons of spray-on deodorant, and we do mean tons!

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Unfortunately, as can be seen in the Tweet above, from the Daily Mirror, Townsend’s nasty habit ended up costing him his life. Cornonors would later determine that the teen died from circulation collapse, a direct result of inhaling all of the butane gas from the deodorant cans.

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Townsend’s mother claimed her son went through one can of spray deodorant a week, but police reported finding 42 empty cans of the stuff at the time of his death. So, it’s obvious he didn’t like to keep his room very clean, either.

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