Syrian Refugee Immediately Makes Louisiana Regret Taking Him, Too Late Now

refugree regret

Over the weekend, as Muslim terrorists attacked Paris, a boatload of 10,000 Syrian refugees landed ashore in New Orleans, Louisiana. The peasant Muslim migrants were dispersed among the communities of Louisiana to do only God (not Allah) knows what.

Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, penned a letter to the White House, asking the refugees not be allowed to settle in his state, but alas, he was a little too late. He caved to the Hussein Obama regime and earlier agreed to let this third world trash settle in his state, but only after he saw what their kind did to Paris did he change his mind.

It was also too late for something else. Something much more hideous that will no doubt come to haunt Americans very deeply in the days to come.

Fourteen of these “refugees,” who are mostly strong, healthy males in the prime of their lives, were sent to the Baton Rouge area. One of them checked into a Catholic mission, and then…


The whereabouts and the intentions of this loose, unaccounted for Muslim refugee are unknown. And if one was able to slip through the cracks so easily and so soon after landing on U.S. soil, how many more will slip away as Hussein Obama brings in tens of thousands, and eventually hundreds of thousands more?

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