Syrian Refugee Caught Entering Italy With Incriminating Text Messages

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U.S. President Hussein Obama believes that a good way to eliminate public discourse in regard to his plans to bring 200,000 Muslims into the U.S., under the guise of “refugees” from “Syria” (we all know they’ll be jumping into the boats from every Middle Eastern nation and parts of Northern Africa) is to publicly shame anyone in disagreement. “You’re afraid of widows and orphans,” he laments, while laughing in his diabolical cackle, the kind of which there is no comparison unless it is coming from his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as she cackles and laughs about getting our men killed in Benghazi or lying about all of her secret emails.

However, many other Western countries, particularly Italy, are taking the threat from these Muslim third world peasant terrorists quite seriously, especially after the Muslims attacked Paris, France. Yes, they also attacked San Bernardino in California, but since that was in the U.S., the script was written via the media and the power that be to blame the gun, not the Muslims and their wicked ideaology.

Recently, Italian authorities siezed a Muslim “refugee” allegedly from Syria, because his cellphone had graphic images and video of it of actual executions. The words “Praise Allah” were on the images as well. The “refugee,” said to be in his early 20’s, has been detained, will not be allowed into Italy, and more than likely represents only one of thousands of these scum who are trying to come into our countries to kill us.

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