Staged Crisis Coming To America…Military Train In Texas – Fully Loaded Down-You Need To Be Ready For Whats To Come!!!


With the Drudge Report linking to an interesting Houston Chronicle story out Friday called “Texan’s Organize ‘Operation Counter Jade Helm’ To Keep An Eye On The Federal Troops,” ANP takes another look at Jade Helm 15 and some new photographs emerging out of Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, which show another military train, completely loaded down, deep in the heart of Texas. With theWashington Post reporting JH will not be covered live, the Houston Chronicle report that Texans will be covering JH is heartening. The American people really are the ‘true media’.

America is now in a state of ‘perpetual war’ as shared in what is being called a ‘dire warning’ by two of America’s top US General’s in the 1st video below, as America soon has a much bigger crisis coming (staged?!) as the war and terror loom on the home front via ISIS/ISIL and financial armageddon awaits on the horizon. For those who consider themselves ‘left wing’ and ‘antiwar’, the ‘selection’ of Barack Obama in 2008 brought the end to protest and the end of any real anti-war movement in America. With even Obama admitting to aides that he’s very good at killing people, the left wing clearly lost, as has the rest of humanity.

Telling us that America is now in grave danger with threats from Russia, North Korea and ISIS, US Army General Martin Dempsey warns the world is rapidly changing, this as the US Army prepares to slash the jobs of 40,000 soldiers, moves that we learn here will trickle down, requiring less teachers at the schools and less people working in the grocery stores as the negative economic impacts of troop cuts expand out from US military bases into communities all across America.

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While the official kickoff of Jade Helm 15 is only days away, we see new pictures at the top of the story and below videos of a military train, fully loaded down, in Plano, Texas, near Dallas, just the latest massive military movement across America that ANP has been reporting upon for several months in an obvious buildup to something huge. Are their pieces now all in place?

Meanwhile, in the next video below, a plea from Dave Acton goes out to do a factory reset on your cell phone if you live near the Jade Helm areas (a great idea to do anywhere in America nowadays!) JUST IN CASE software has been remotely installed on your computer that could turn it into a bomb. In the 2nd video below, we get to see a cell phone being blown up and the results are not pretty. The 3rd video shows us how to do a factory reset on our phones.


With the Washington Post recently confirming that media will not be allowed to embed with the participants in Jade Helm, we hope that our readers in Jade Helm states step up their own efforts at being the media, recording events you find suspicious and speaking out if something isn’t right, especially with ISIS confirmed at the US/Mexico border and all of the rest of this taking place without media attention.

We also IMPLORE you to never take the law into your own hands unless your life or the lives of others are in danger. Whether we like JH15 or not, the special forces people involved are likely all American citizens and America’s finest should they choose to uphold their Oaths to the US Constitution. Americans should never do anything to put any of them in any danger.

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While some might want to avoid becoming involved, the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina could have easily been prevented if a friend of Dylan Storm Roof spoke out to the FBI and/or law enforcement when Roof told him he wanted to go ‘shoot up’ a school, the College of Charleston. Speak out if you see something happening that you know shouldn’t be. Get it on video if your life isn’t at risk.Photography is not a crime. Be the media. There’s nothing wrong with ‘little brother’ watching ‘big brother’.


At ANP, we’ve always believed that news should be reported from all different angles. We certainly aren’t here to tell our readers what to think; we only feel we should always try to look at every possible situation from every angle. With family members and good friends in the US Military, we know that their intentions are just and we support our military fully. We do not, however, support un-Constitutional actions that would put the lives and the welfare of law-abiding Americans in danger. We hope that everyone involved in these exercises remember their Oaths and remember whom they serve.






By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

  • iceman

    If the jh15 show up in my town or my door there is going to be a blood bath, they will never take my freedom or my family’s freedom and if they are after my guns, I will let them have them bullets first, then they can take my guns out of my cold dead hands.god bless America land of the free because of the brave.

    • HawkRawk

      When an Abrams round hits ya where the good lawd split ya there’ll be no hands left. Your paranoia runs deep. Too deep. Those same JH15 soldiers gave you this freedom you hold so dearly. Did you forget that already?

      • Ladd Brubaker

        “Where the good lawd split ya.” Haven’t heard that expression before! :) That’s good. Americans don’t realize military exercises have been performed in places like Europe and Korea for years. When we start doing them in the homeland, they start pissing their pants. Good lawd!

      • Kimberly Schoffler Boynes

        and if told they will take away our freedom over one stupid ass president that doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground

        • HawkRawk

          Is there something in the water down there I should be aware of next time I fly into Dallas? WHERE DO ALL THESE PARANOID AND DELUSIONAL PEOPLE COME FROM? Maybe you need to stop listening to Fox News Network and open your minds a little bit to other aspects of the country and world besides all the fear mongering and conspiracy bullshit they are so adept at. OBAMA does not want your guns and the US Govt is not sending the military to Texas for a takeover. (though I would applaud any efforts to slap some sense into some of you). Fox News is a highly biased and unreliable source of information (talk about drinking the koolaid!) There ARE other options if you want to know what’s really going on, from unbiased sources. Or you can remain clueless, afraid and uneducated. I would argue that you too, Kimberly, are a “stupid ass that doesnt know their ass from a hole in the ground.” Is that seriously your argument? I would bet any amount of money that Mr Obama has way more education than you. Just because you disagree with him because he is a black man or a democrat or both does not make him a “stupid ass”. It does enlighten the world (or at least those reading this) as to your intelligence level though. You won’t convince many about your views on gov’t conspiracies if you blather on with rambling nonsensical sentences filled with 2nd grade insults.

          • Stefanovitch

            I know what you mean. You are exactly correct in your assessment of the right-fringe that has the loudest voice in the most uniform, ignorant way possible. They are sheep who bleat the “Baa” of their masters. The look at each other for confirmation, convinced that if they all agree, it MUST be true. Fortunately, HawkRawk, this group is fading fast. They are currently being exposed for their ignorance more now than ever before in history. Don’t despair! Our voices are gradually gaining purchase over this squeaky wheel that needs replaced – the fringe right!

          • Harry W Sollars Jr.

            Hey guys were we always so divided on so many issues? Who or what is causing this? Is it the media or the politicians? It might be that everybody wants to be chief.

    • Donna Polles

      Oh, and fyi, it’s God, not “god”

      • Stefanovitch

        Unless, like me, god is not the god you believe in.

  • Stefanovitch

    Lunatics. Just LOOKING for a reason to fire their guns.

    • Cecil Howard

      Ok be. In denial. You will be the first to find someone to protect you. Dont come knocking on my door. Be the little sheep and watch how quietly you are devoured

      • Stefanovitch

        OK, then Cecil! You betchya, buddy! I will be sure to not knock on your door. BWA-HA-HA-HA! Lunatic…

      • HawkRawk

        What if we brought chips and beer?

  • Cecil Howard

    Ice man couldnt say it any better.

    • Mary

      Leave him a comment…..

  • Ladd Brubaker

    Here’s an indication of just how stupid the people are who put this article together. They couldn’t even quote the title of the original Houston Chronicle article correctly: “Texan’s Organize ‘Operation’….” It should be: “Texans Organize ‘Operation’…. The correct version is the plural form (i.e., more than one Texan, or “Texans,” no apostrophe). What they wrote, despite having the original article, presumably, in front of them, is singular and possessive. Or, one Texan owns organize ‘Operation Counter Jade Helm.’ Whatever the f#$k that means. Am I nitpicking? Maybe. Or maybe it means that these guys weren’t paying much attention in high school. So, why the hell should anyone pay attention to them now?

  • Ladd Brubaker

    Jade Helm 15 is going on in seven states, yet only in Texas is it being made out as a conspiracy to take over the state. Sorry, Texas, you’re big, but you’re just not that special. And besides, the U.S. government already has sovereign power over Texas, and the U.S. military already has military control over Texas: Fort Bliss, Fort Hood, Lackland AFB, and some 28 other locations, according to Wikipedia: If any other country had 31 military bases of an invading foreign force, I think they would conclude that, yeah, we’ve pretty much already been overrun! By the way, please keep that Texas oil flowing. We don’t have enough places in the world loaded with oil and paranoid fundamentalists.

  • Ladd Brubaker

    And another thing…. Why would the federal government want to take away your guns? That would leave nothing for you to shoot each other with.

    • Natural Fool

      U. N. Agenda 21, look it up. It outlines the disarmament of every citizen of every nation which includes America. How can this be when America has the 2nd amendment you say? By destroying America, that’s how. JH15 is not just American soldiers, the U.N. has 10’s of thousands of Russian, Chinese, and Turkish troops overseeing the “exercise”. So what are you gonna do when the U.N. troops are given live ammo and the U.S. troops are still using rubber bullets? When Putin strikes with nukes? Just saying, be prepared is better than being a sceptic.

      • Mary

        Absolutely~! Amen to that! I truly believe the non believers are TV watchers, if you get what I mean. It’s a lost cause trying to set them straight. What a shame for them.

        • Ladd Brubaker

          “non-believers”! So, this really is some religious-fundamentalist thing after all. “TV-watchers”! A bit of Luddite thrown in for good measure. Christians enrolled in the holy crusade of fighting off the followers of Allah perpetually at our gate. 9-11 really did a number on your minds. Not to mention having a black muslim president. (Psst! That really is true, y’know. Take it from a died in the wool liberal with the true low-down. So does this mean the end is nigh, and y’all are goin’ to fly up to the sky to meet the Lord Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank God for that. Least-wise we’ll be rid of you nutcases. Jesus can have you!

          • Stefanovitch

            These jokers are fun to mess with, but it is sad that they believe so hard in such garbage.

          • Mary

            You sound sarcastic…. am I reading you correctly? I also interpret your wording to say you are not American? If you think not being American excludes you from what is to come, you are very sadly mistaken. The United Nations is about to take control of every nation. All the false flags, including the twin towers have fooled enough…. even you it seems. This is tyranny. Evil as pure as it comes. If this is something you feels deserves mockery than I feel sorry for your lost soul.

          • Ladd Brubaker

            What about my “wording” makes you think I’m not an American?!

          • Ladd Brubaker

            Mary, pray for my soul and I will think for your mind.

          • Mary

            More insults….. I have no use for ignorance. Especially now.

      • Ladd Brubaker

        God! You guys are way too much. How do you live with such fears bouncing around your heads? Let’s talk the end of September and see just what horrible things JH15 accomplished. If it was benign, will you pull your head out and start breathing some fresh air? Or will it just be on to another nutjob conspiracy theory. BTW, try to ween yourself of talk radio. Sure, it’s a little addictive feeling like the man is out to get you, but there’s lots of music or sports shows to listen to–hey, even NPR! I know, I know. Another liberal government conspiracy. God, don’t you see how inanely dreary y’all have become?

        • Stefanovitch

          It never ends with this group. Oh, rest assured that they will find something else to whine and complain about! They have cried wolf so many times that I have decided that there are no wolves.

  • Ladd Brubaker

    In two months when the operation is over, I’m sure we won’t hear boo from these conspiracy-loonies. Or maybe they’ll take the route of end-of-the-world types and insist that it really did happen after all, and all Texans now have chips implanted in their brains…. The best thing about stupid is that it’s so goddamned entertaining.

  • WavyDavy

    It’s nice to see the adults chiming in. These little babies with their texting-influenced lack of communication skills is such a joke. If you don’t know how to capitalize or use appropriate punctuation, you need to post about Kanye West or Caitlin Jenner’s dick. Leave the serious subjects to the adults please.

  • John Galvin

    More guns in the south than people plus ex-military . The people know the land and towns a stranger has a poor chance. Forget the army get the fuel and supplies. No fuel and a starving army is useless