Socialist Princeton Professor Claims She Was Arrested Due To “Racism” Wait Till You See The LONG List Of Real Reasons!

black professor

Princeton Professor Imani Perry is an African American studies professor. She believes that any time anything uncomfortable happens to a person of color in America, it is because of their color, no ifs, ands or butts.

This was the case this past weekend when she found herself being booked, in handcuffs, at the local jail. She has taken to social media to set forth on a diatribe about being singled out, because she is black.

Okay, let’s look at some facts.

Fact 1- she was driving 67 miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone.

Fact 2- She was driving on a suspended driver’s license.

Fact 3- She had two outstanding and unpaid parking and driving violations from 2013.

Fact 4- An arrest warrant had already been issued for her due to her outstanding parking and driving tickets from 2013.

Yeah, professor. Looks like your race had everything to do with your arrest. Could it be that you might think that because of your skin tone you are entitled to do whatever you wish? And if you ever have to face the consequences for your actions, you can just play the race card?

No doubt Al Sharpton will be coming to her aid, as will King Obama. Just chillax, prof, and go put your headphones on and listen to Beyonce, but stay off of social media with your crybabyness.

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  • Scooter Tramp

    Tell me more about white privilege.

  • Mac Sterling

    It is obviously “The police were just acting stupidly” Where have I heard that before.?

  • billwhit

    These so-called “Professors” have ruined that title and made it as laughable as the Noble Peace Prize is today, nothing but a token prize given to those who do not live up to it’s name, like Queen Hussein Obama. So sick of these idiots using the Race/Class Cards when it is their own ignorance and stupidity that gets them arrested! I had truly thought Racism had ended, then Queen Hussein started dividing people and groups thru his Real Racism! Hussein and his ilk are the True Racist Fecal Maggots in our Nation, and those who follow his ignorance!

  • wes dooley

    Probably teaches black women’s studies. Dis be how use bee filling outs da fool stamp papa’s an apta and dis i be shown how to gets a Obama fone.

  • rod

    Put on the chain gang, or committee service in the cotton field. “Do we still have those”? Then she can cry Racism!

  • Debbie Carnell Doss Knight

    I watched the police dash cam video. The officers were very nice to her. She like so many others that do this are nothing but a pos!

  • Chris Steffen

    Give her community service hours picking up trash at the school with orange jump suit on with armed guard