Single Mom Rents Motel Room For Homeless Man, Got More Than He Expected

single mom hotel room

So a single mom with three kids, down on her finances, as one might expect, walks into a convenient store and buys a lottery ticket. Lady luck was with her on this night, as she won $200! Woo-Hoo! Time to buy some extra groceries and maybe some new clothes for the kids, right?


You see, when this happened to single mother of three, Sofia Andrade, her exuberance was lost when she stepped outside of that convenient store and saw an old, homeless man sitting out in the cold in sub-freezing temperatures.

When Andrade had it confirmed to her that the man had nowhere to spend the night after asking him, she took her money and bought a motel room for him for the night.

But it gets even better!

She then went home and blasted out on Facebook where the man was staying, giving the name of the motel and the room number. She asked that anyone who could spare some money, clothes or food to please swing by and help the man out. People came in droves!

She also opened a GoFundMe account in the man’s name, and as of this writing, they’ve raised more than $8,000 for the man, more than enough for him to get into a rented home!

This is definitely one of those stories that will restore your faith in humanity!

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  • whoselineisitanyway

    What a lovely young lady.

  • Nick Gianakis

    How is he gonna survive when the money runs out nice thought to help him but I’m afraid he’s gonna b homeless again he got that way for a reason drugs alcohol mental illness or all of the above

    • Lynette Constable

      Not all people who are homeless in the US go there because of drugs alcohol or mental illness. Some fell on honest hard times. Lost their jobs and then lost everything through no fault of their own. It happens, and how cold and callous for you to judge. Perhaps this was the break he needed to get cleaned up and try to get a job. Hard to go to a job interview when you are unable to get a shower or put clean cloths on because you live on the streets…

      • Nick Gianakis

        I work for the V A and been dong this for well over 20 yeas when people are sober and using their brains the system has checks and balances it could take years to fall into homelessness during that time government programs can help u from going under like unemployment section 8 food stamps welfare only when u use drugs drink mental illness do u not care to receive assistance do u go down into an abyss and rarely come out how arrogant and ignorant of u to not understand the problems on our streets and the destruction of family and through drugs and alcohol illness if u care u don’t have to be homeless America helps its citizens but they have to want it

        • Lynette Constable

          I’ve been there, thankyou very much for your “understanding” of being a middle class family that lost their business, and then everything. Had to wait months while the beloved “system” got any kind of help for me. I was moving from friend’s to friend’s houses with my children. Not an easy life believe me. But, thank you for your “understanding”

          • Nick Gianakis

            Your not telling the whole story maybe you have reasons did u go to your local welfare office and apply for assistance and what kind of business were u involved in where is your husband America doesn’t let children starve there are shelters to go to while waiting for that help where is your extended family that’s what they do help till proper channels can be put into use unemployment ? I believe there’s more here than what your letting on I guarantee it

          • Lynette Constable

            I went to my local welfare office and applied for assistance and was denied. I had to fight for any assistance I got. I had to prove citizenship for every member of my family. I got food stamps in the end, but it took months. My husband was also looking for work as we lost our business because of the economy. Believe me, I went though the “proper channels” and watched illegal aliens get money handed to them hand over fist, but I had to jump through hoops. And because we were “self employed business owners” there was no “unemployment” for us. And extended family is very small, and would not help in any way. So, thank you for you psycho-analysis of what I am letting on or not letting on. Would you like a story of my life? I also know we are not the only family that went through this sort of situation. And we did not get in dires because of drugs or alcohol. We are hard working people who made an honest living. We have left the US and are doing much better now as we both have full time jobs and decent incomes. Not something we could get in US.

          • Nick Gianakis

            All u needs is an address to get assistance and if u don’t have one u go to a shelter I still say your not telling the whole story something is missing if u have children in tow u get emergency assistance your situation was not as dire as u say and if your a veteran why didn’t u go to your local VA office that’s what we do help veterans in need that want it children are not left in the cold hungry in America that’s the truth

          • Nick Gianakis

            Sorry about your situation I really am but your probobly married to a non citizen that’s why u had to jump through hoops in the beginning the screening process is difficult I agree but once your in the system it’s usually much easier they do this because of fraud etc PS I meant no disrespect to u I hope everything works out God bless !

          • Lynette Constable

            Then why is it so much easier for non-citizens to get help than it is for Americans? I left the country myself. And I’m better off for it. American veterans should not be treated as I was.

  • Not Amused

    This man needs a skill and a job along with this temporary security or he’ll be in the same situation in a few months. They’ve bought him some time, what he CHOOSES to do with it will determine his future situation.