SICK: Obama Just Spit In The Face Of EVERY Veteran By Doing THIS…

obama deletes emails to protect

Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of the American people, and he’s certainly no friend of the military.

He’s especially no friend of our veterans!

At most recent count, there are more than 35,000 HOMELESS veterans living on the streets of the U.S. Now, while these veterans go without care or housing… not to mention food… Hussein Obama continues to fast track hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants to the U.S. under his refugee relocation program. FYI, I have a friend, who is a veteran, who just married a lady from a third world country with whom we are allies, while he was stationed in that country, and it took him more than a year to get his wife here, legally, yet Syrian Muslims who never served our country and who may or may not be Muslim terrorists, are getting here in three months?


There’s never been a better reason to VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP! 

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The Giver

Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
  • Ms plissedOff

    This man sure doesn’t deserve to be an American President. His a disgrace to this country

    • bjbarr

      And Hillary R. Clinton would be another 4 yrs. of the same policies.

      • Ms plissedOff

        Oh you better believe that if not worse. She doesn’t have the capability of been president besides her constant lying and selling out of the country to the Saudis. She couldn’t even send help for 4 Americans and all she’s done since is lied about it. She’s a freaking nightmare in a pants suit.

  • William Stahl

    barrry insane O is such a dumb ass.

  • Only an Idiot would ever take a bullet for this pathetic fecal maggot named Obama! The only good Obama will ever do for our Nation is when his obituary goes to print! Same with the Bimbo of Benghazi, Hillary! May they both burn in the Fires of Hell for Eternity, with their Satan/Allah, for their massive corruption and tyranny against We, the People and out Nation! TRUMP/TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS 2016!