Shocking Video…The Earth Is Really Flat? We Have Been Lied To!!!



Someone has a lot of explaining to do once this battle is over. I don’t know what to make of the images we’re seeing in space, but it’s most intriguing.

Thanks to Hatter for this one on the Yellow Rose for Texas Facebook page, and thanks Joy for the heads up, and Rose for her input.

I don’t know much about the NASA cameras, but this appears to be from NASA’s STEREO B Spacecraft, via the HI1-B camera. 

Isn’t it astonishing that this sort of thing has been going on above us and nary a word is uttered in the lamestream media?  ~ B


I have a couple of questions for the flat earth believers

(1) where do you believe the conspiracy began? can someone please name a single person involved in the conspiracy, and your evidence of this. If you can’t name a single person with evidence, can you explain why that is?

(2) why is it universal? every single govt on the planet, and all scientific organisations and all scientific journals believe in a 3d roughly spherical earth. Probably several million physicists and astronomers believe in it, and perhaps 5 on the planet don’t. I mean people with ph.ds not people who like to think they are scientists.

The chinese govt has plans to go to the moon within 20 years. Many countries are beginning to start up space programs. We have an international space station. This conspiracy if it exists, that all that stuff is fake, must involve the entire planet’s govts and scientists.

How is all this possible?


(Before It’s News)

  • Tex Wendellsson

    Want to truly know who started this and how it is done, stop to realize that with no other proof than CGIs and narratives on TV newscasts, NASA documentaries and magazine articles, there is nothing real to see that is evidence of anything factual, just TV pix?!

    Ask this profound question, why is it that during 62+ years up in “space” no 360 degree panoramic photos, films or digital recordings exist? Find one, I dare you . . .