(Shocking Video) Scene From Pretty Little Liars Foretells Of Operation Jade Helm!


Remember these girls? From the show “Pretty Little Liars?” Well guess what? The show foretold of Operation Jade Helm years ago.

Our slave masters, with subsidiaries runny Hollywood, as they have since the turn of the last century, often put clues in movies, television shows and even commercials, to laugh and prod at us, who they view as nothing more than sheeple, just before carrying out their diabolical plans.

Listen in this old clip of “Pretty Little Liars” where Jade Helm is foretold of.

Two months ago our slave masters who control Hollywood (you know who we’re talking about) hid a similar message in an insurance commercial. They think we really are this stupid!

Report anything out of the ordinary that you are seeing out there. Blackhawk flyovers, overly large military convoys, especially in strange places. Message us your intel, and we’ll get it out there anonymously. Follow us on Facebook at Operation Jade Helm And Beyond by clicking on this blue sentence!

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