(Shocking Update!!!) Thugs Force Dad To Do UNTHINKABLE To Daughter By Putting Gun To His Head

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We ran the story below, just like most media outlets, at the beginning of the New Year. This incident shocked the world! It had people in the U.S. calling for a pound of flesh, and it took race relations even further back.

You’ll read below, a story of four “thugs” who held a man at gunpoint while they raped his young daughter, who is 18, right in front of him. There’s just one problem, now that the facts of this case have come out.

You see, the “thugs” didn’t force daddy to do anything. The four young men were HELPING the middle aged man have GROUP sex with his WILLING 18 year old daughter!

Yes, this is correct, and now that the facts are out, prosecutors have dropped all charges against the four young males, three of which were still children, and have tried to prosecute the sick, twisted father of the girl, but she is unwilling to cooperate in the investigation.

Now, read the original article below and see how these sick, incestual, hillbilly lovers nearly wrecked the lives of four innocent young men.

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This is probably the most disturbing story you will hear all day, and when (if) they catch the thugs who perpetrated this heinous crime, something straight out of a Rob Zombie horror flick, they need to put them down like the rabid beasts they are.

A father and his young daughter, only 18, were walking in the park in New York City on Thursday. In this particular part of the city, there were no street lights that work, so it was very dark.

The father and daughter were set upon by three young black males who held them at gun point. It was at gun point that the thugs forced the father to do something no father should ever have to do with his own daughter, but the man faced instant death, for sure, if he did not.

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The thugs gave the father a choice. Leave, so they could gang rape his daughter, or stay and get his brains blown out.

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The father ran away as fast as he could, but he wasn’t fast enough. By the time law enforcement officers arrived, the young girl had been gang raped and beaten. She was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The images you’ve been seeing throughout this article were taken of the thugs on their way into a convenient store for some Schlitz Malt Liquor and stanky cigars just before the crime. They still remain at large.

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