Shocking Truth of What Is About To Happen To America…You Will Get Chills When You See This!

NYSECrashWith everything being posted about a coming apocalypse, whether it be by economic crash, natural disaster, other scenerios, or all of the above, one thing is for certain—none of us really know what to expect in the months ahead.  If we follow the very Word of God and trust in His Word as truth, then we can rest assured that we were given precise signs to watch for. We also know that God does not play games. Jesus Himself warned us to watch for specific signs in order that we would know where we are prophetically in accordance with the end of this age. And, coincidentally, those signs and events are happening all around us at an unprecedented rate.

God’s Word does not confuse, and it has been proven time and again one hundred percent accurate. In fact, the Bible clearly tells us that God would raise up watchman and prophets to reveal the great mysteries of end times prophecy and to warn the people. God does not have to prove Himself; however, He reveals these great mysteries and shows us these signs so that we will believe and will repent, thus, turning to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.



That being said, what should we do to prepare in case these very events being prophesied, suggested, and promised do indeed come to pass?  And, why does God warn us?  Are the people warning the nations truly acting outside of God’s will, only trying to inflict fear? And, is it wrong and unbiblical to warn of such things as apocalyptic events?  The answer is simple, IF we look to God’s Word. God sends us watchman. God sends us prophets. God warns because He loves all of humanity and does not want the people to suffer.

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If we look to God’s Word, we can see that over and over, throughout history, God did indeed send watchman and prophets, and their warnings were never what the people wanted to hear. In fact, their warnings were oftentimes so hellish and horrible, that the kings and rulers sought out to kill them! And, many of our great, Biblical prophets and watchman boldly went to their thrones, speaking out agains their sin and corruption, knowing that they could face a horrible death, including torture, for their obedience to God.

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The fact is that when tragedy hits, everyone cries, gets angry and blames God, asking, “How could this have happened? Why didn’t God warn us? Why would a loving God do such a thing?”  Yet, God, time and again, does warn. Furthermore, in many cases, God does not do it, He allows it.  (There are cases throughout the Bible, including the book of Revelation, where God is the one who pours out His wrath. However, God allows things as well for the same reasons, to judge sin and disobedience.) There is payment for all sin, whether in this life or after we pass on to the next, we all must take responsibility for everything we have done, both good and bad alike.  However, if we repent (meaning, we cease the sin, obey God, and turn from our wicked ways) and ask God to forgive us, He is faithful and just to forgive and to forget.

America was never truly a godly nation.  However, the Body of Christ has withered and turned her back on God. Don’t get me wrong. There is a true Body of Christ alive today, but the members of that body have become divided, and many have fallen away, giving ear to the modern day wishy washy, sugar coated message that only brings comfort and happiness and does not bring about a spirit of conviction. Remember that without conviction, there is no repentance.

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So if all of the people continue ONLY hearing the happy go lucky watered down gospel message, they will never feel the need to repent because they will never be convicted for their sin. Instead, while knowing it’s wrong, they will at the same time feel like it’s okay because God understands and that there is no punishment for unrepentant sin.  After all, this is a new era, and things have changed. Right?  Wrong! That is what the enemy has them believing in order to deceptively lure them to hell, along with him and his demons.  God’s Word NEVER changes, nor does God. And God does not change with the times.

The Body of Christ who once, for the most part, stood together in agreement in this nation has been torn apart. Mnay have turned away and given in to sin and deception.  This is what I mean when I say, “America has turned her back on God!” Because the Body of Christ has become divided, there are no longer as many true Christians standing up for the faith, thus resulting in the corruption and loss of the very freedoms we were blessed with.

In the two videos shared within this post, you are about to witness the truth.  I urge you to caarefully consider and to repent today.  You must be ready and willing to accept the truth, because it is about to happen this year! If you refuse to believe and refuse to prepare in every way possible, you will remember these words spoken, as well as others, and you will regret that you did not pay attention. Please, get your houses in order today…before it is too late! Because tomorrow might just be the day!

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