SHOCKING NEWS!!! Proof “Sandy Hook Hoax” Was Brought To You By U.S. Homeland Security…

Today at the FOIA Commission Hearing Patricia Llodra made a stunning admission regarding an agency that, until now, has never been acknowledged as having any kind of roll in the Sandy Hook (Hoax) shooting aftermath!


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  • Lisa Shepherd

    Does any of this make SENSE to you? We are being manipulated by the media…a.k.a. propaganda.

  • Karen

    Forensic Proof: Adam Lanza’s AR15 DIDN’T blow out the window at Sandy Hook Elementary. It was blown out by POLICE 12-GAUGE shotgun “breaching round.”

  • fantasy world of syrup

    I came across some detail of the can’t-cry actors for Sandy Hook — they seem to be on the Team at Jackson/Spalding a PR Firm. Like the old man neighbor that can’t cry, that’s Mart Martin. The blonde haired brunette that can’t cry, that’s Hailey Johns. The only reason why I came across these details was because I saw them driving around Durant Oklahoma recently. I saw the Holmes family too, Arlene and Robert, and their kids James Holmes and some others. I knew them when I lived in Lancaster California in the 90s. I think they are trying to get rid of whistleblowers of previous big events (sandy hook, aurora), and that’s why they are in Durant, because I talked to the DA in Aurora, and 3 weeks later….they’re heeeeeere. Hey if you catch any bull about Lori Archer you know they did it to her.

  • fantasy world of syrup

    Oh hey let me continue on how weird it is in Durant Oklahoma right now. There are undercover police cars I have never seen before driving around. There are police officers I have never seen before, they seem to me to be more San Diego than Durant. There are suspicious cars with black cardboard in the windows. Next town north Madill a couple days ago, there are people changing out out-of-state license plates for the local plates. Oh and my landlord is talking about renting out the neighbor’s house the next month so I guess they (eavesdropping friends of my brother) are planning to move in a week or so. I even recognized my sister in law the hollywood makeup artist and my brothers “daughter” (as our mom says, he thinks she’s his daughter) from another mother, driving around with his old friend one of the james holmes. Saw some military types too. Look if they are planning to hurt people I’m going to blow the whistle on it. Considering Aurora and Sandy Hook, yeah hurt might occur so I don’t want that.

    Oh I also saw Sean Ward and Robert Bumgarner and probably Kyle Stapleton from Jackson Spaulding. You know, some of those hurt/late people from Aurora in the news – seen a couple of them too.