(Shocking News) CIA Conducts DNA Test On Obama He’s Not Who ANY Of Us Thought He Was

obama is an alien

Many people have questioned the legal citizenship status of U.S. President Hussein Obama for quite some time. It turns out that intelligence officials have done a secret DNA test on U.S. President Barrack Hussein Obama, originally, in an attempt to clear up all questions of his true identity. However, what they found, is worse than what even his greatest detractors feared. It’s not even about where he was born. It’s more entailed than that. Far more entailed. But is anyone really surprised that the traitor in chief is not who he’s proclaimed to be? He’s lied about everything else.

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  • Adalberto Cervantes

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  • You tease with some story to get attention but then there is nothing about the topic. That is no way to make new friends.

  • Personally I have assumed that the USA has not had a President since the Obamanation was fraudulently elected so I treat everything he has done as NULL and VOID!

    • revwillie56

      Assume also, In order for the DNC to keep the ill gotten gains they have under Obama, instead of getting Obama arrested and thrown in Jail, the DNC will have Barrack H. Obama murdered before the end of January after he leaves office. If not the DNC, Hillary will have him killed to keep his mouth shut about Bengazi. Either way, Barrack is a dead puppy after he leaves office.

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  • Patrick Thomas

    OBAMA’S real Father, and one day will maybe be truthfully exposed to be…Franklin Marshall Davis…a Known Marxist….Even Barack’s 1/2 brother living in Kenya feels Obama had abandoned them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBtwR36G2Pg

  • sk1951

    I hope the truth of this comes out one day.

    • Derek Thomas Lirio

      It will. When it doesn’t matter any more. Finding the truth before his second term is over, would prevent him from completing his orders.

  • Bradley Lawrence Smith

    Dang I thought he was gonna be a long lost Kardashian….

    • Frankie Fan


  • Frankie Fan

    yet he’s president come on man

  • Shawn Wilson

    No one is above the law..Just because he is president does NOT mean he can get away with treasonous, illegal and wrongful deeds opposing the will of the American people.People have to stop allowing sneaky conniving people like Obama from getting away with whatever they wish..IF everyone KNEW he was a Muslim BEFORE being elected..he NEVER would have been elected in the first place!!! HE LIED!!! By omission he LIED!!
    THANK goodness this is his last term as sneaky backstabbing personal agenda fulfilling LIAR!

    • Bobbi Jo Johnson

      When you have thousands of people helping you commit your treason it is easier to get away with it.

  • Jarhead68

    Whether or not he’s natural-born…he’s a traitor and a mole. Arrest, trial and sentencing…

    • Eddy Geraldon Pardue

      Our government KNEW exactly who he was while he was in the senate. He was placed there on purpose.

  • F Pat Foy

    One thing seems certain: we don’t know all,we

  • F Pat Foy

    Oooops! It seems certain that we do not know all that we need to know about this fellow! So, let’s just be sure we don’t allow anybody else whom we cannot seem to get any real valid background data on into the candidacy for POTUS again!! As far as what we DO know about this fellow, he’s friend to America… one would truly have to be insane to believe he or Michelle are!

  • Cheryl Frost

    The things we tolerate
    We will never change.

  • kenneth

    If is true, then after he is gone will still matter. Will mean all of his treasonous acts are illegal and can be erased…

  • Jim Batausa

    Who is he? If he claimed he is he? The birthers were right. When Donald Trump is elected he pursue the truth. You see the stupids had been fooled like these a his ass wiper are contesting.

  • Julia

    it’s on the internet! it MUST BE TRUE!

  • Joseph Warner

    He’s a TRAITOR where EVER he’s from convict then hang him.

  • WasIsAlwaysPali

    Jeez, get over it…he ran twice. People have spoken .

    • an american

      Nope: it was fraud protected by groups of interest ; the people didn’t vote for oba; he was sneaked in.
      The same is happening
      with Ted Cruz!

  • Gary P.

    DNA cannot tell whether or not you are a citizen. smdh

  • Larry Lane

    The CIA knew who Barack Obama was before he ever ran for president. They are co-conspirators to this crime

  • dedanann

    He is actually a Romulan.

  • Jim Wolfe

    Nobody listened to Clint Eastwood did they???

  • Oscar Lopez