Shocking, New Video Of Terrorist Acts By U.S. Backed “Moderate Rebels” In Syria??!!


The following translation was with the video when it was uploaded, and if verified, will have severe consequences for the politicians who chose to fund the “Rebels”.

Translated – Here is the spitting image of the Western press called “freedom fighters” or “moderate”. The video released shows how terrorists of so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), designated as “moderate rebels” by US and its allies, enclose women in cages for use as human shields against Syrian and Russian bombings.

In the video, released Sunday, it shows at least six women who are accused being of the Alawite minority and have cooperation with the Syrian government in a cage, that is transported to an area under the control of ELS to thereby prevent Russian Forces Aerospace and Aviation from bombarding the Syrian position that the armed group fighting to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

At the same time you can see that the so-called rebels have not only confined themselves to women, but have also put in cages several men who were also accused of cooperating with the Government of Syria.  They also ensure that they have placed dozens of cages with more people in other areas under its control to help prevent the Syrian and Russian aircraft conducted air strikes against them.

This, say the sources quoted by Al-Masdar News, is also taking place in areas under control of the terrorist al-Islam Yaish coalition, formed after the union of more than 50 terrorist groups under one command.

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