(Shocking New) Video Of Alien Captured By Military Goes Viral

new alien video viral

A shocking new video has been released today that has gone so viral that it has nearly crashed YouTube! The video depicts an apparent alien, captured by military forces.

Now, the question everyone has is, ‘is it real?’

You’ll have to view the video, below, for yourself, to determine.

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  • jay shook

    interesting but this is an advert tor some war gamers to play. Nothing but fantacy.

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  • FED up


  • FED up

    Oh shoot forgot to say how remarkably it looks like all the cartoon drawings I’ve seen of aliens!

  • Kuberkoos

    What a load of [email protected]!

  • Chris Pollock

    This is so very fake. It’s a training exercise at a M.O.U.T (Mobile Operations in Urban Terrain) site. Can’t see any real rounds flying and the buildings are all empty as well as all the vehicles laying around. Actually the guns don’t even sound real.

    • bayman61

      Just a bunch of wanna be MEN. Let them join up and do the real thing. Serve like the real MEN do. Panty waist punks.

  • mike

    It says airsoft right on the damn signs its fake

  • Ron H

    Lol it s jade/helm bs and its war games red flags and no alien bs

    • Ron H

      One of the m16s had a red barrel at the flask suppesser a toy gun u buy at toys or us lol

  • Steve

    This site is now on my “Never go to” list, What do you assholes think this kind of crap will accomplish, you think it’s going to get you more traffic? Think again.

  • Bill

    Thank goodness for the music. It totally convinced me.

  • John Wall


    • Thomas Delaney

      OK it’s your turn brag about your leaders.

  • Thomas Delaney

    Aliens only eat M&Ms – why this heartless slaughter??????