(Shocking New Video) Of 9-11 The U.S. Government Doesn’t Want You To See


Remember after the attacks of 9/11 when the Pentagon confiscated all of the CCTV cams within close proximity to the Pentagon? It seems we now know why. Watch in this video, which was awarded back to its original owner in a law suit- that owner being a hotel- and see for yourself the explosion of the pentagon…

… but no plane causing it.

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  • Frankie Little

    sorry I just can’t quite believe this is fake and a put up job by our government and killing all these people on 9/11, but if it happened now i could certainly believe it.

    • Anna Kurtz

      You don’t make any sense….Please try again. Our Government is Evil!!!!!

  • Rio Rita

    Did Direct Energy bring down the towers??

  • Jens Johnson