(Shocking New Video) Of 9-11 The U.S. Government Doesn’t Want You To See

shocking new 911 video

Remember after the attacks of 9/11 when the Pentagon confiscated all of the CCTV cams within close proximity to the Pentagon? It seems we now know why. Watch in this video, which was awarded back to its original owner in a law suit- that owner being a hotel- and see for yourself the explosion of the pentagon…

… but no plane causing it.

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  • PCS

    The only turbine eng I saw in the pictures is too small to be an airliner’s engine. The ONE small eng was about the size for a cruise missle or military drone.The blurry video shows a streak that is too narrow. The tall of the airliner should have made a 2 to 3 story TALL streak.

  • Rienzi

    This is so bogus. Everyone needs to read this: http://www.snopes.com/rumors/pentagon.asp. And, Snopes is not noted as a right-wing web site.

    • Bob Celeste

      Sorry Rienzi, but snopes has become so compromised that no one with any intelligence takes them at all seriously. So what office of the g0vt do you work for?

    • Cheri’

      It’s also been proven to be biased and untrustworthy

  • american who does not believe

    You all are s bunch of fucking idiots believing all thus conspiracy shot. Go get a fucking life.

    • Erin Anderson

      Go back to sleep you brainwashed sheep.

    • Ed Wad

      because your a moron

    • Earl

      You voted for Obama twice didn’t you? Plan on voting for Hillary this time around?

  • Susan Abbott

    If there was not an airplane, then what happened to the people on that flight who called loved ones to say goodbye from that airplane? What happened to the plane?

    • Floyd Melton

      Well I know when I cal my mother, I never have to tell her my full name. I jusy say hi mom . I’ve asked many friends and strangers. When you call your parents what are the first words you say. Quote hi mom or dad never had to tell them there first middle and last name plus the facts at that time no cell phone would work on plane at that time. The cell phone company did have the ability to work at that highth or at that speed. Do a little research. The cell company came out in 2002 and said we now have capabilty to us cell phone and wifi on planes now. I haven’t figured out who did 9-11 but it wasn’t done by camel jockys it was done by big money and clue is because of that day billions of dollars were made by just a few people and not one law suit from any of the familys in that day and age everybody sues for eveybody another they can show you a picture of highjacker borading a plane in portland oregon months before but can’t show you one on day of event there is too many holes to believe the story how about building 7 was anounced it just fell with a live broadcasting being shown bbuilding did fall till 26 min later if anybody can say for sure it went down like the goverment said it did has to much faith in washington

    • Spongebob

      They did not call from the plane, old phones dont work at 35,000 feet

  • Melvin A Galarza Sr

    Even the way the twin Towers went down can tell you it wasnt from the hit of the planes. Impossible for the planes to hit that high and cause the towers to crumble the way they did.

    • kerry joseph

      where do you live???? I live in New York I saw that second plane hit are you people all crazy? it happened, and Bin Ladens body should have been brought back here and soaked in pigs blood then impaled on the empire state building so the pigeons could eat his rotting corpse.. And all of America could have rejoiced. I call Bullshit on all you people claiming it wasn’t planes, IT WAS.

      • Jolleen Carrasco

        No need to argue. People want that. I don’t live in n.y. but watched it on tv. I mean how hard is it to believe that a plane bites and then exploded and took down a building. They need to go back and read what those who survived had to say about the fumes and the heats.

      • Juggernaut1969

        I saw the second plane hit as well. I do not live in NY but I was there during that time of my life more often than I was at home, 9/11 was no exception.

    • Tom Baker

      Thedust that covered everything has been tested and is FULL of explosive material… explain that sheeple

    • Paul Keating

      Heat melted the cross beams and the concrete floors pancaked down Genius engineer!

      • Earl

        Yes heat from planted thermite not aviation fuel dumb ass! Aviation fuel cannot melt steel beams

  • Hermann Jacques Keyser

    So who shot the video of all the 9/11 attacks, and what the world saw and I did see these attacks television in South Africa, my opinion is these could not be fake, or a cover up.

    Then were all blined by conspiracy theories, which I don’t believe today the towers are gone and lives lost.


    • Earl

      The videos you saw on Tv were faked dumb ass

  • Fire officer

    If you who tone down the rhetoric, I would have to say that the smoking gun against the governments clear coverup is found in the book written by Thomas Kean……who I’m sure you will all remember was co-chair of the 911 commission and Bushe’s “guy” if you will. In his book “without Precident”, he says that the commission was set up to fail, that the whitehouse, pentagon, NORAaD and even the FAA lied so much that they considered filing criminal charges. He also said that he hopes the truth for 911 continues. I have studied pretty much everything written since 911 from sources ranging from credible to rediculous. If this is what the commissioners of the 911 report itself say, why are some of you so he’ll bent on believing what is on its face a rediculous story. Look, it was the greatest tragedy of our lifetime. It will define our generation. Many, many things were lost in that day, and I for one believe truth was the first thing out the window. Before you make judgements, take time to read some information on your own. See what architects and engineers have to say……because no matter what hit the towers, they have some interesting questions that were never answered by the Commission or the NIST report. Then take a look at what pilots form911 truth have to say….then take a look on you tube at the collapse of building 7…….the tower most Americans don’t even know fell down which wasn’t hit by anything. Explain how no airplane part were found yet Mohamad Atta’s passport was found two blocks away in perfect condition by a passerby who gave it to an FBI agent. Then, drive to New York, drive to any of the stations that responded, and see what any of the surviving members of FDNY have to say. Then we can talk. Until then, there is no common frame of reference.

  • Greg Perterson

    This shit is hilarious. It’s like Bigfoot, the WWE and Noah’s Ark all rolled up into one. I can see the guys really getting into this….. in their mother’s basement.

    • Earl

      Hey tard. while bigfoot is a myth, Noahs Ark and the great flood were real events and the World Trade center was obviously an inside Job by the Central Bankers

  • David Kirk

    No planes…..did the passengers and crew dies at the scene??? A list of passengers and crew was provided by the airlines….oh right…they were paid off along with all of their neighbors and friends and distant relatives…???

  • ReeKwest Joseph Sabol

    Everyone is so quick to blame, “extremists” and it’s frightening to see people, form a line… Much like cattle… And haphazardly regurgitate the phrase, “it was Muslim radicals” or “ter-ror-ists” and follow up with, “watch tv” or some other dumb sh!t. Cg is real, and I actually met a guy who was outside the wtc when the explosion happened. And I remember him specifically saying, “it was crazy, i didn’t even see the plane. all I heard was the explosion when the plane hit, and I ran.” Not even a mention of a roar of a jet or anything… Just mentioned the boom…. And one more thing… Wtc7…. No explanations there either… It’s scary how many people blindly follow whatever their government says… And their religion… And their tv… (and so on) everyone lies…. Not many speak the truth… so no, There’s nothing “retarded” about asking questions… Valid questions…

  • cardmaster1

    I said it before, I. Will say it again-IMPOSSIBLE not to have Some clearly discernable aircraft parts readily visible. Jet fuel will NOT melt Titanium engines! If it did, the planes engines would melt away before it ever began to taxi!!

  • jammerk65


  • Robert Carothers

    Where is all the parts that make up a Commercial Passenger jet at the Pentagon? There would be plenty if it actually happened!

  • Jacknife

    look up the Bush Dynasty on you tube !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul Keating

      Oh yeah…You Tube is real reliable!

  • ARTS2000

    my god.. how many eye witnesses were there? dozens…. give us a break

  • idratherpostasguest5981

    This would be more credible if it included some details. Such as the NAME and LOCATION of the hotel? A link to the legal action mentioned?

  • Charles Dickerson

    WTF? Either there were plane remnants and remains at the damage site at the point of impact or not? What is this controversy about? This is absurd?

  • Paul Keating

    So for all of you conspiracy theorists out there…What happened to the so called passengers on those flights?
    Where are they? I think they would know if they were getting on a strange aircraft? I think flight records prove you all wrong.

    • Earl

      Shot down over the water or the government took the passengers and made them disappear permanently . What happened to the Malaysian Airlines plane, flight MH370?

  • Kevin Curl

    No airplane hit the Pentagon planes just don’t disintegrate there would have been engines , landing gears tail section and none of it was there .

  • Gunner12R

    Trying to explain anything logically to a Liberal is like pissing on an electric fence! PAINFUL AT BEST !! These people have nothing to back up anything they say other than that’s what they were told and shown on TV… I have also watched the Star Ship Enterprise warping off into deep space at 9 times the speed of light on TV and it looked real ! But these Liberal idiots refuse to understand how easy it would be to fake all this shit on TV and telling lies is what government does best! I didn’t care for many years about any of this shit but in recent times I have opened my mind and examined the evidence with an objective view. Showing no loyalty to either view, just looking at the facts and listening to the people that were there ESPECIALLY those that are professionals in their field when that field pertains to the evidence! My findings as PAINFUL AS THEY ARE …………….. George W Bush ( and I name him because the buck stops at his desk ) Anyway he’s guilty of murdering all the innocent Americans that died on 09-11-2001 ! He’s also to blame for every death as a result of the wars that have followed since that day because of that day! He’s not alone in this there are plenty of others that need to be rounded up and held accountable to the world for their crimes! I DID NOT WANT TO BELIEVE THIS !!!!! i WANTED IT ALL TO BE JUST THE WAY THEY SAID IT HAPPENED BUT MY OWN EYES AND BRAIN DO NOT LIE TO ME! My own findings tell me this was a FALSE FLAG ATTACK that was designed to place us in a war designed for financial gains for someone at some level or many someone’s at many levels.. Every person that profited a DIME from these events needs to spend the rest of their BROKE DAYS in a federal jail without any hope for early release! Anyone that could go along with a plan that murders innocent people is a MAD MAN! This includes presidents of the United States of America and any other country that took part in the cover up.. This was also used to implement the Patriot Act which STRIPPED AMERICANS OF MANY OF OUR FREEDOMS !! If anyone is so blind they can’t research this shit for their selves yet they want to give an opinion based from nothing more than the FAKE EVIDENCE THE GOVERNMENT PROVIDED IS TOO STUPID TO BE IGNORED!