SHOCKING: Here’s What Obama Has To Say About the Violence In Dallas- He’s Coming For Your Guns!

Obama on Dallas violence

Hussein Obama knows exactly what he’s doing! He’s creating domestic chaos in order to launch an all out race war so that he can institute Martial Law and remain in power.

Yesterday, Hussein Obama took to the microphone to denounce law enforcement officers across the country for the shooting deaths of a couple of black men while they were in the commission of a crime. He then conveniently flew to Poland as his “sons” took his well hinted at directives and went out on a cop killing rampage.

Now Hussein Obama, hidden safely in Poland, is taking to the mic for more of his classical double speak. Oh, and he mentions at the end that he WILL be coming for your guns.

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  • Jon Doe

    Funny how obama did not mention the shooter(s) are Black and ALL went to the same MOSQUE and are/were Muslim.