SHOCK: UN Admits it is Coming to Take Our Guns by Force!!!


See all the proof… The Congressional Record, The Laws, Treaties, Government Publications, Policy Statements and Numerous News Articles. The PLOT to Destroy America and create a One World Government.





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  • Scooter Tramp

    They don’t have bullet proof face masks.

  • Rusty Kolp

    A lot of the disarmament they are talking about is nuclear or military disarmament of weapons .
    Yet puzzling OBAMA choses to arm Iran with nuclear capabilities.
    So apparently the United nations seeks to put Muslims in charge of the new world order.

    • Dick Ellis


      • JohnnyWisdom

        Your use of all capitol letters has convinced me.
        I wasn’t sure at first until I saw that the SociaFasciCommiMuslim, Obama, had taken over your computer and forced you to type your delusional rant in all capitol letters.

        Now there is no longer any doubt in my mind.
        You should have your home checked for lead-based paint, Dick.

        • Rick Manning

          Johnny Wisdom , I’ll bet your middle name is Lacks, isn’t it

          • JohnnyWisdom

            If that is the best you can do; there’s an elementary school playground missing your witty rejoinders

            I’ll wait while you Google the definition to decide if you’ve been insulted..

          • Rick Manning

            No need to wait Johnny “Lacks” Wisdom, I limit all Liberal bench warmer trolls to just one great low blow to keep from overloading your feeble little minds from imploding on you and having to see my tax dollars being spent in a mental facility trying to bring your intellect up to par to be equal to that of a bag of rocks. Now look at that, I’ve went and gave you 2 low blows and broken my own rules. Shame on me, Oh what the heck, you’re special so enjoy it but I’m afraid I have to stop it at that because my internet bill will only allow me to insult just so many trolls a month and there are so many more out there for me to bless with my enlightenment that I just have to spread myself really thin to cover so much ground.I’m sure you understand and we’ll just leave it at that, You have a great night sir and remember Jesus even loves fools such as yourself. God Bless

          • Bugout4now

            That is your life line Google that is little johnny appleseed. There is nothing witty about you. You are a naive individual.

          • DON’T TREAD ON ME

            FDROTFLMFAOLSSU, good one!

            Molan Labé
            Semper Fidelis

        • DON’T TREAD ON ME

          Well you are the ass of the moron in the Oval Office. Maybe you need to be told that is a way of SHOUTING! More plausible is that your a fascists liberal!

          I give a shit what they wear, if they come for my guns they better bring alot of body bags!

          They could just follow the Constitution and then we can all LIVES PEACEFULLY!

          Molan Labé
          Semper Fidelis

        • Bugout4now

          They had lead base paint removed so they see into any hose they choose. Which now they can do that regardless. So JOHNNY NUTSAC YOU NEED TO STOP EATING STUOID PILLS..

        • Sakki333

          You are just as big a moron than the muslim you have as president. A liberal tosser like you, will most likely die first in war

        • Sue Boclair


        • Clint Baker

          Really, capital letters is what convinced you?

    • Unkie Numbnuts

      Theory now is that once Obama leaves the presidency, he wants to become the president of the United Nations. The leader of the world. The World Order. One president. One language (Muslim Gobbly Gook( and one religion (Islam). One type of currency. The Un is saturated with Muslims.

      • Virgina Salamino Martinez

        Excuse me but the WH is infiltrated with Muslims.

        • Unkie Numbnuts

          I know that…But it’s not enough for Obama and the rest of them…The UN and Obama want “One World, one President of the entire world, one cult of a religion (Islam) one form of currency and one whole worldwide army.

    • David Speer

      UN is predominantly Islamic states. each state or country gets one vote.

  • Stan Stein

    Like the 6 billion hollowpoints that just up and “went missing”? I think we’ll be able to find them…there are 23 terrorist training camps thru out the country…there is FEMA and Homeland “Security”…..

    • Bugout4now

      Right straight to HEDouble hockey sticks with FEMA and any form of Homeland scaredy. We have a million
      of them

  • Syberlink

    Tell your sons and daughters in the military that the must follow the Constitution first and always. You cannot follow a unconstitutional order. The military is Americans sons and daughters, you know there are no progressive liberals in it.

    • Virgina Salamino Martinez


      • Syberlink

        True, let me have my dreams anyway.

  • Faith Hope Love

    It will never happen.

  • Craig Scheepers

    Mmmh…The UN?
    Could not keep peace in a 3rd world nation…wants to try it here????

  • grammysam

    All worshipping the dead pedophile muhammad…. a man who raped children (boys and girls), and dwells in Hell….

  • Harold

    Their blue helmets will make nice targets.

  • Sue Boclair

    If you want to see a war try taking people’s weapons away from them.

  • SkivMarine

    Your John F. Kennedy “quote” is bullshit.
    He never said it.
    If nothing else reveals this, it’s the use of the words “noble office”, which JFK was never known to utter in his entire time in the White House. Also; there are absolutely NO records of any kind, independent or otherwise, that show him saying anything remotely like this.
    So, that leaves the question; when are you guys going to quit using this false quote?
    You already know it’s been debunked; so, when will you stop pushing it on the American people?

  • James Crawford

    Molan Labe. Airborne, Lrrp

  • disqus_EL379g1kIC

    I see any blue hats trying to take my guns i will stand tall and kill as many as possible i have tons of ammo.

  • Mark Finch

    if you believe this fairy tale ill tell you another ! maybe 2 million disarming 300+ pissed off well armed american’s ! okayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Jonny Rebel

    Bring it you giant Pu$$y….We have Plenty of Body bags for every one of you..It will be the last thing you ever do…