Sheriff Joe Makes Massive Announcement After Orlando Shooting – Obama Voters Are FURIOUS

sheriff joe pissed off

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona is no stranger to controversy. To the ire of libtards across the world, he usually comes out after tragic events and does or says something that makes U.S. President B. Hussein Obama look like even more of an imbecile.

Surprisingly, Hussein Obama actually came out and ordered U.S. flags on Federal buildings to be flown at half mast after the tragedy in Orlando, where a radical Islamic terrorist, who also happened to be a homosexual, shot and killed 49 people and injured more than 50 more. Omar Mateen, the gay, Muslim terrorist, had been struggling with his own homosexuality, viewing it as a “crime punishable by death” under his cultist beliefs, so he in eccense committed suicide by SWAT team, while taking out 49 other homosexuals with him.

Sheriff Joe, to show his support for this great nation, after the Muslim terrorist attack, announced that he would be having the American flag sewn onto all of his inmate’s prison uniforms and there they would remain. He believes that raising the flag up everywhere we can, even if on a prison work gang, will help send a message of unity to our enemy, the radical Islamic terrorists- a group that Hussein Obama will not even call out by name.

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  • When is Obama going to kill himself for his own Homosexual life? It is an abomination in Islam to be queer, and Obama is a Muslim so he really should stay loyal to his beliefs and kill himself, since Islam calls for the death of all Homosexuals. The only good Obama will ever do for our Nation, or the world, is the day his obituary goes to print! Now, that will by AWESOME! Just hope it is soon, very, very, very soon!

  • Angie MacGeil

    He wants take out the children, that’s why in kindergarten he is having them explore their sexuality and homopobic tendancies, so when the Muslims ask, they can toss kids off the roof too