She Was A STRONG Supporter Of Allowing “Refugees” Into Her Country Yet This Was Her Fate At The Hands Of Those She Supported

swede fate

The beautiful young lady pictured above is, or was, Elin Krantz! She was a member of a Facebook page called “We Like Diversity” which would lead one to make the obvious assumption that she was in full support of the refugee invasion of the West. She was a Swedish woman who saw no problems with allowing tens of thousands of third world savages into her civilized Western Nation.

We speak of her in the past tense, because she’s been buried in the ground for these past six months. You see, Krantz was traveling on a train in the Hisingen neighborhood in Sweden, when a 23 year old “refugee” from North Africa, who, by the way, had visited the US in the past, saw her and found her desirable. He decided in his third world savage mind that he would have her, like it or not.

Her body was found hidden in a wooded section of property not far from the train tracks the next day. She had been raped and savagely murdered.

On New Year’s Eve, hundreds of German women were groped and raped right out in public while celebrating the new year by their new “refugee” neighbors, and the German Government, get this, is blaming the victims! Does this mean they support the concept of Muslim ‘no go zones?’ They must!

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