She Hunted Al Qaeda In Afghanistan In The Army Now She’s Hunting These Men In Africa As A Private Citizen

lady killer

Kinessa Johnson, above, fought valiantly in Afghanistan as a soldier in the U.S. Army. After serving her country in war, and being fortunate enough to come home, she soon found herself, like so many veterans, seeking to do something with meaning, and at the same time, something that is high paced and up close and personal, like being a wartime soldier, and she finally found her nitch.

Johnson is now serving in Africa, as a private citizen, and she is hunting down poachers who kill endangered animals on the dark continent. She is involved with a group named Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW). She, and the many other veterans working alongside her, train park rangers on their jobs and duties and, specifically, how to catch poachers.

For more on Kinessa and her mission, click on the picture of her below, which is hyper-linked to her bio.

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  • Kenneth Allen Donaldson

    It doesn’t matter if she is a fraud or not. Here she is simply click bait and we all bit. I’m blocking more and more of these folks that try to sensationalize something that isn’t.

  • Andrew Zimmerman

    I need my diesel truck worked on.

  • Mr Poitier

    Definitely pop her in the 2 hole