Sharia Law Enforced: Judge In THIS U.S. City Orders Pastor To Learn Islam Or Go To Jail

learn Islam or go to jail

Here’s a story that is not out of the Caliphate of Iraq/Syria, under ISIS control. It’s not even out of Saudi Arabia, where Sharia law rules just as intensely as within the Caliphate, though this fact is ignored by the U.S. because of our oil agreements. This is a story right out of the good ‘ol U.S. of A.!

Daisy Obi is a 73 year old Christian pastor who lives in Boston. She is originally from Nigeria. She owns a rental property in Boston and one of her tenants, who’s hot housing it with 15 other immigrants of Muslim decent, accused Miss Obi of throwing her down a flight of stairs and shouting Muslim epitaphs at her.

Paul yee

The judge overseeing this case, Judge Paul Yee, Jr., above, has ordered Obi to either take classes in which she will learn about the Muslim faith of hate, Islam, or spend up to two years in jail for the allegations.

This case represents something more damaging than Islam being forced down a U.S. resident’s throat via the liberal courts. It shows to what extent the Muslims are waging Jihad in America. With 200k more coming, courtesy of their ring leader, Hussein Obama, how many more Americans will be accused of doing something they may or may not have done just so the Muslim can see them taken advantage of in a court of law?

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