See What Happens When This Hispanic Univision Reporter Asks A White Man Are You Racist!!! Epic Response!!!

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“The liberals that run her station will probably punish her for not having a better comeback”.

A Hispanic Univision reporter asks a white man with blood streaming down his face ‘if he’s a racist?’, and if he ‘likes Latin people?’ The man was hit in the head with a frozen coke can when pro-illegal immigrant thugs attacked law abiding Americans at a pro-America rally in L.A.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson was at the rally and he steps in and scolds the reporter for asking stupid questions and for trying to portray the victim as a ‘racist.’

Nothing has changed in 10 years except for a massive increase in illegal aliens. What will things be like in this country 10 years from now?

by Jesse Lee Peterson


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  • mike

    what a sham artist, otherwise a cute liberal b—h

  • MarLa Mari Kepler

    That was a slam dunk! Way to go guys! Voices of reason shutting down the radical unreasonable air time grabbers is always appreciated by this child of legal immigrants.

  • Charles Dean Johnson

    We Can Not support the Entire poor population of this planet ! To first break our laws by entering it elligally and then demanding things from this , our Great Nation is Arrogant as Hell !!!!!!!!!!!! Do it the right way , learn English , pay Taxes , be a supporter not a drain on our taxes .Serve in our military .Ran Your Keep .

  • JmsA

    She asked him the assault victim if he was a racist because he was participating in a pro-America, anti-illegal immigration event. I’m glad the good Reverend was there to expose her cynical, racist behavior.