Secret Group Of Shadow Ninjas Leaving Dead ISIS Bodies All Over Mosul!!


They only fight at night when the darkness gives them cover.  By working in a different area of the city each night, no one knows where or when they’ll strike.  Their mission?  Killing ISIS militants, and those who support them, any way they can.

Mosul’s Shadow Ninjas are vigilante groups who’ve taken up the fight against ISIS.  They’ll use snipers or roadside bombs and strangling or stabbing their prey works too.  While ISIS is trying to eliminate them, locals say these rogue warriors are making an impact and causing the Islamic extremist group to change the way they operate.  Men in Mosul have been ordered to grow beards so the militants can blend in and ISIS militants are driving unmarked cars because of the roadside bombs.

ISIS is, of course, embarrassed by the killings and say their members died in combat or by air strikes.  Their dead bodies go to the morgue at night so they can hide the deaths.

Civilians support the resistance fighters and one Mosul resident, Ahmad Ghanim (not his real name) says:

“It’s not true that people in Mosul support ISIS.  Me, most of the men, even women and children are ready to fight ISIS.”

Source: Business Insider



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  • Jody Ladd

    ISIS = CIA & Mossad

    • Alain Fidèle

      I was wondering when one of you scumbags would show up. ISIS is Islam, end of story.

      • Nathan

        No you retarded scumbag, ISIS equals CIA and Mossad. You would know that if you weren’t a fluoridated brainwashed zombie. You retards actually still believe the government cares about you, or that Democrats are better. Wrong. You foolish excuse for a human being. All political parties serve the same master; The Rothschild banking mafia that has controlled this planet for centuries now. But you’re a fucking plebe. I don’t expect someone, who has been a fucking welfare bum suckling the teet of society because you can’t be bothered to get a job or to contribute too the betterment of society, to understand. No, you brainwashed buffoon. You’re right. Us tin foil hat wearing SOBs are making this all up because we are actually the crazy ones. You fucking war!

        • Mike James Lim

          read the Quran & Sharia. I happen to deal with it as a minority in a Muslim country my entire life.

          There is no way you would know this better than those living in Muslim societies.

          • Nathan

            I’m sorry. But I don’t recognize Stockholm Syndrome as a legitimate retort in dealing with a violent “religion.” You do realize that even the Quran says to commit violent acts against those who don’t share their beliefs? And I know other Muslims, from different forums I frequent, who are turning away from their own “religion” because after actually reading the text, they are realizing that it’s not truly a religion based on peace, but based on actual dominance over nonbelievers.

          • Anissa Jr-Donald Sarazin

            I happen to agree with u. I have looked it up and Islam keeps coming up as a death cult and the Qur’an that teaches over 108 parts where it calls for violence and beheading of those who won’t follow Allah.. I argue this with the uneducated that don’t want to take the time and research stuff that’s being throwed at them from Obama and the government.