Scam Alert! If THIS Woman Begs From You Do NOT Give! Call The Police!

tissue beggar

There is one thing about the mindset of third world beggars that is shared the world over. They believe that prosperous people from prosperous nations are fools and suckers. They believe the ONLY reason people like Americans, Brits or Aussies are “rich” is because their “Governments are so very good.” They believe the only reason they are poor is because their “Governments are so very bad.”

Third world peasants from southeast Asian dumps like the Philippines and Cambodia to Eastern Europe alike are nothing more than sociopaths who feel it’s completely okay to lie, scam, cheat and steal- mostly by playing on your emotions- to get what they want, and they feel NO remorse.

The U.K. has issued a dire warning about a “tissue beggar” in the subways of England. Actually, there is a small band of them that has been linked to organized crime.

Their ploy is simple. They sit beside passengers on the tube cars and place a small package of tissues beside them and stick their hands out. Many Brits and foreign tourists, out of pity, give something. However, the money is NOT being used by the peasants to better themselves, rather it is going into the illegal firearms, drugs, prostitution and human trafficking markets.

Authorities in England are asking everyone who is approached by any of the “tissue beggars” to text them at 61016 immediately.

Want to see a real pro? Watch this Filipino in the video below. Hell, when the money comes this easy, why would anyone work for a living?

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