San Bernardino Massacre A False Flag? This Evidence Says “Maybe!”

san bernardino false flag

Here at Consciously Enlightened, we do not make light of tragedies that involve the loss of human life, especially when these tragedies occur on U.S. soil and involve Americans. We do not find entertainment in the “conspiracies” that circulate the internet anytime anything like what has happened in San Bernardino today happens. However, it’s not hard to notice things that seem amiss in our research as we prepare stories for these incidences, and at times, we feel we must bring this evidence to you, our readers.

Exhibit A in this piece- Do a Google search merely adding the words “San Bernardino False Flag” in your search, and for some reason, you get results coming up from “18 hours ago” though, as of this writing, this incident took place only seven hours ago.

We bring you further exhibits from one such story we found from “18 hours ago” below:

Military gear, escape vehicle and more…

According to eyewitness reports, this shooting was carried out by “three white males dressed in military gear.”

They were highly organized, too. They carried out the shooting and then fled in an awaiting vehicle which has not yet been found.

These are not the actions of a crazed, lone gunman. These are the actions of a highly trained force with a specific mission to carry out. They even got away from the scene of the crime! (So far…)

All signs (so far) point to a false flag operation or an ISIS terror attack

This has every sign of being a planned, professional operation, carried out for a specific political purpose. And that leaves just two likely explanations from what we know so far (this could change when we learn new details, of course):

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Possibility #1) This could be a staged government false flag shooting, carried out in a desperate attempt to paint gun owners as so cruel and evil that they would even murder disabled people. The end game of this? Nationwide gun control, of course. Obama needs a justification to issue an executive order criminalizing gun ownership among citizens (which will set off a civil war, by the way).

Possibility #2) This could be an ISIS terrorism attack, carried out by ISIS operatives dressed in military gear. ISIS, of course, has promised to attack America just as they recently attacked Paris. The Obama administration (and nearly all democrats) has turned a blind eye to the very real threat of ISIS crossing open borders to occupy America the way they occupied France. Any person critical of ISIS has been ridiculously labeled an “Islamaphobe” by the insane leftist media which lives in a fairytale land of delusional denial about open borders and national security.

*Also, it’s been reported, in the picture at the top of this article, that there just happened to be a police training exercise going on close by at the time of this “attack.” Convenient or coincidence?


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