Russia Just Deployed This Beast To Syria To Keep Obama’s Jets Far Far Away!

russian launcher

Russia’s President, Vlad Putin, has made it clear to the world that he is in Syria to kick ass and take names. He knows there is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim, and he is acting accordingly by killing indiscriminately! This is the only way to deal with Islamic cockroaches, and fortunately, at least one major world leaders knows this and is not afraid to do just that.

U.S. President Hussein Obama has not kept it secret that he’s not happy with Putin stepping up to the plate like a big boy and dealing with the goat humping scum in Syria the only way to do so, via all out warfare. Hussein Obama has thrown billions of U.S. tax dollars at the problem, training scum sucking Muslims to fight for the good guys, only to see them switch sides as soon as they’ve been trained and fight for the bad guys. You’d think someone who has made it as far as the White House would know you cannot trust a Muslim, but I guess it doesn’t help since that guy in the White House is a Muslim himself.

Putin is rumored to have recently deployed the s-300 surface to air defense system into Syria in anticipation of Hussein Obama’s jets getting too close to Putin for comfort. Putin has made in clear that he will not allow the Muslim crusader Hussein Obama to keep him from eradicating the cockroach Muslims in Syria, and should Hussein Obama send those jets, these s-300’s can take them down from as far away as the aircraft carriers from where they’re launched, and there’s not a fighter jet in the U.S. arsenal that can outrun or out-climb these missiles.



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