Rush Limbaugh Drops Bombshell About Obama’s TRUE Religion – White House Panicking

rush obama's religion

Hussein Obama will be remembered as many things. Perhaps the biggest and most obvious, of course, will be the worst President in U.S. history.

However, many will also remember him as the first Muslim President in history. Many people, for years, thought referring to him as a Muslim was merely a joke, or a statement meant to be an insult, but after the Orlando shootings, there can be no more clear evidence that Hussein Obama, is, indeed, a goat humping, bacon fearing, little child molesting Muslim!

Have a look at some recent commentary from a couple of big named media personalities who agree.

obama's religion 2

obama's religion 3

Okay, so Rush, above, referred to Hussein Obama as a Christian, but it’s obvious ‘ol Rush must be back on the oxy by all the typo’s he put in the post, so he’s not fooling anyone, either. Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

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  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Considering that he lied from the beginning, had all his records sealed, and congress failed to properly vet the man, it wasn’t until after he took office that reports surfaced that he was a muslim. I believe that was due to his ring.

  • Andy Z

    We still don’t know for sure if he is a citizen of this country or of Kenya or whatever it was called as a British colony