According to sources, Satan will gain complete control of the earth on September 23, 2015. This was told to us in the book of Revelation from the New Testament.

This has also been hinted about for decades now. There have been movies and TV shows and even politicians who have claimed this to be true. Below, there is a sample of videos of what has been shown over the years that talk about what is coming and when it will be here.

September 23, 2015 is also the Jewish Day of Atonement.

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  • diakimsey

    Have you checked out the link that this is on? There’s so much trash being advertised that I couldn’t even get past it in order to read your article. You have a lot of vulgar advertisement attached to your article here.

  • Joseph Velasquez

    Only god knows the time.

  • Justin Koetter

    Its time to wake up America! September is National Preparedness Month. Babylon the great will soon fall and three days of darkness will follow. Receive Jesus Christ into your heart to be protected from the wrath to come! Heaven and earth will be shaken and there will be chaos on the streets so please stay inside with your family tomorrow! Get into the ark before it’s too late because you DO NOT want to be left behind. Many will have to die for their faith but will still go to heaven as long as they DON’T take the mark of the beast mandated by Obama through the NWO. All the signs are here and the Palestinians received approval by the UN to raise the flag and divide Israel. God will bring judgment to this world by 9-13 and the rapture will occur on 9-15. God bless and please click share so your loved ones can have time to prepare!

    Here it is people! This masterfully done bible code video is proof that the bride is taken out of here on September 15th! This is when the last blast of the feast of trumpets will occur. Please watch this to the end so you will understand what the blessed hope is. Thank you Jesus, we cant wait to see you in your glory!

    This is Your Message From God. You Have A Decision To Make Today that Will Have An Eternal Impact…

    If you are a Christian please watch this video to prepare yourself for the blessed hope and may God keep you and your family safe…