Retired U.S. General Wants You Locked Up If You Disagree With The Current Government!!!


991209-D-9880W-048 Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Wesley Clark, U.S. Army, takes questions from reporters during a briefing at the Pentagon on the status of the NATO-led, international peacekeeping operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Dec. 9, 1999.  The first U.S. peacekeepers entered the war-ravaged country five years ago this month in an effort to stop the ethnic killings and prevent further deterioration of the region's infrastructure.  DoD photo by R. D. Ward.  (Released)

Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Wesley Clark, U.S. Army, takes questions from reporters during a briefing at the Pentagon on the status of the NATO-led, international peacekeeping operation. DoD photo by R. D. Ward. (Released)

Those who disagree with the government are now to be rounded up and shut up indefinitely in political internment camps. He wants to give a life sentence for people who have not committed a crime. Beware.

Retired US Army General and former Allied Commander of NATO Wesley Clark is recommending rounding up U.S. citizens who are deemed disloyal or radical and placing them in concentration camps or FEMA Camps even though they have done nothing wrong. Has it gotten to the point that we can be locked up for having a difference of opinion? Well it does seem so if he gets his way.

In WWII this was done with a precedence, a war declared under Article I, Section 8, Clause II of the Constitution. There has been no war declared on terror so this would not be legal.

So think about it they can arrest us for doing no crime but for wanting to stand up for our country. I have a feeling some of our founders are rolling over in their graves right about now. What do you think?



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  • Joe Lewand

    the general has deminsia or however u spelt it.

    • Always curious

      I hope you are right Joe. He is scaring me. He just ramped up the fear of Jade Helm watchers. Not good, not good at all.

    • Trucker

      No he does not have dementia, He is just delusional as our President Osama Ben Lying, John Kerry,”The Traitor,” Hillary and Wesley Clarke.

  • gemini34

    He’s a brown nose.

  • ScarletRainbow1

    Great. The government will pay for the roof over my head, my three (free) meals a day, and my health coverage. Who really wins here?

    • ScarletRainbow1 – Nothing about his plans is great. You are imagening a vacation facility and Clark wants to create a concentration camp where you would be violently tortured for the only reason that Clark does not like you ! Don’t be so
      naive. Unless of course if you consider bloody very painful torture winning there is no fun to be had.

  • Hi
    everyone – I have personally known Wesley Clark since I was 12 years
    old. He was living next door to my parents house in Germany in
    1975/76. Clark has always been a blatant liar with a giant ego and a
    racist on top of it. You would not be able to tell by just looking at
    him on TV. In 1992 Clark started to stalk and harass me at my work.
    He was very often stalking me and stamping with his feet on the
    ground demanding that I need to go on a date with him, have to become
    his mistress and otherwise need to work as his secretary for him at
    Nato. He was not even working for Nato yet. When Clark did not get
    the result that he wanted he started to torture my dad in 1992.

    June 26 of 1999 Clark has tortured my very helpless innocent dad
    (German farmer – no Muslim – Al Qaida – or terrorist connection)
    in a very inhumane manner – my dad got castrated while handcuffed to
    a hospital bed in the basement of a hospital in Antwerp Belgium. The
    Belgian police has pictures of it and can prove it. I WANT FUCKING
    CLARK dead on the electric chair for what his has done to my dad.
    Only 10 month later Clark broke into my hotel room in Switzerland and
    came around to gloat about how depressed I looked at the time. He was
    trying to convince me during that visit (in April of 2000) that it
    must be my fault that he had gotten fired from his Nato job only 1
    month after the violent torture of my dad in Antwerp.

    in case anyone is wondering about the other Pentagon guys remarks
    that Clark is lacking decency or so. That is spot on. Clark is a
    psychopath. He needs to get locked up for the long list of crimes
    that I have witnessed him commit. I am telling you my story is 100%
    true. Please do not for a second think that I might be joking. I have
    been pressing criminal charges against Wesley fucking Clark in Europe
    for 5 years now and because I will not let go and keep insisting that
    Clark’s numerous crimes: 6 counts of torture in 3 countries – 2
    counts of kidnapping in 2 European countries – 3 counts of breaking
    and entering in 2 countries – more than 20 years of stalking and
    harassment – should finally be investigated…….now at this moment
    the very corrupt Dutch police who actually has assisted Clark with
    the torture and disappearance of my dad is trying to get me convicted
    for being ill and the outcome in their mind should be: That I suppose
    to receive a forced medical treatment for allegedly suffering from
    “ideas and illusions of getting persecuted”

    know that this might seem like a joke to some people because it is
    such an outrage – but that is really what is going on in my life. Do
    not think for a second that Clark the criminal Psychopath means
    anything else than having the freedom to torture and kill everyone
    that he personally does not like and who refuses to bend over when he
    wants something .

    by all means, if you have the ability to do anything – inform the
    press – get a lawyer and sue this nasty monster in the US for
    anything that you deem not in accordance with international law. I do
    want him dead and I do want it to be very legal he has done plenty to
    deserve it. Europe does not have the death penalty. Clark deserves

    The General does not suffer from dementia he is a Psychopath and a
    Racist who has committed a long list of hate crimes in Europe. It seems
    that the Pentagon is only helping him to hide his crimes in order to avoid
    the embarrasment for the US government if it hit the newspapers in the
    US what a criminal piece of shit Clark really is. Do not underestimate how
    dangerous, criminal and fake this monster is.

    • Slaytanic


      • Slaytanic – I have no issues with Obama I think he is gold compared to Bush
        I very much hate Clark by now for the very inhumane torture of my dad. I really want Clark dead – if no one ever wants to investigate his long list of crimes, after more than 23 years of torture of my dad and more than 45 years of non provoked attacks on me –

        I have build up the right to wipe him away and call it self defense. The fucking monster does not even have to come by and can be save but if he does
        I want to make sure that the criminal animal understands that there must be consequenses for his behavior. I have a right to defend myself and killing Clark would be self defense by now.

        And no joke – The Dutch police seems to be busy at the moment trying to set me up and calling it an investigation but I do not mind that they fucking understand that there is a price to pay for torturing my dad.

        • Slaytanic

          The atrocities that happened to your father are reprehensible. Anything I can do to help you research or investigate this monster let me know. I am at your disposal.I applaud your nefarious retort…Molon Labe..

          • Thank you very much for that. If you really want to help than what would help very much is for example if your try to reach the Press in the US as much as you can and pass on the information to them about my dad.

            I have to point out that I am actually really under investigation by the Dutch police. Not because I would have done anything wrong. But the very corrupt garbagge that is called police in this country has aided and assisted Clark with the illegal torture of my dad and I keep pressing criminal charges against both Clark and the fucking dirt that passes for police in this dump and they in return have started an entire campaign in which they try to convince everyone that I would be crazy.

            So I do love the idea that you want to help. Every help is very welcome and there are quite a few things that people could do that would help very much. But I need you to be very aware that you will have the immediat attention of the Pentagon, CIA and FBI in the US the moment that you do this. And I am not joking. Sometimes people hear me say it and assume that it would be just my idea but I am telling you: They will follow you for years and you might not even notice it and the moment that your efforts to put correct information into the newspapers become efficient they will jump in and go as far as doing very illegal stuff to intimidate you and slow you down. Never underestimate how criminal Pentagon and CIA are.

            For example I got kidnapped out of my own house in September of 2004. That was Clark and it seems that he was doing that because I had send correct information to several different press agencies and Clark was trying to intimidate me. I got threathend that I would be thrown out of a moving plane. There was shooting going on around me. I have reason to believe that the corrupt Dutch government might have helped Clark to organize the kidnapping.

            As far as I can tell the Pentagon has not ordered Clark to fuck up and commit a long list of crimes. Clark even claimed that he has gotten fired from his Nato job (by William Cohen in the summer of 1999) because of the very violent and bloody torture of my dad that he had committed only about 1 month before he got fired. But it seems that the Pentagon does help the monster Clark to try and hide his long list of crimes because they feel embarrassed by having to admit what the fucking animal has done.

            There are certainly things that would help very much for example:
            I have a list of newspapers. So you could send information about the case to as many newspapers and other media outlets in the US as you can reach. There are thousands of newspapers, so you can imagine that there is plenty of work to be done before they are all informed.

            What could be very efficient is this:
            Clark the fucking criminal psychopath is often sitting around on CNN and other TV stations claiming to be an expert on everything from politics, to the middle east, syria, isis, afghanistan, iraq, foreign policy etc.

            Some of these programms especially talkshows have a format where it is possible to phone in with questions. It would be ideal if people in the US would phone in and ask the fucking animal during a life broadcast questions about the torture situation of my dad. There is a long list of dates on my blogs that Clark can not and will not have an alibi for because he was busy torturing my dad or kidnapping me or stalking and harassing me.
            So if the fucking monster is once again sitting around on live TV claiming to be such a hero it would be great to phone in and ask him to explain where he claims to have been during what I call the “no alibi dates”

            Clark usually gets red like a tomato and stamps his feet on the ground like a 5 year old kid when he is mad. And he gets red hot if you would dare to ask him questions like this that he does not have an answer to. If you know any good cops or FBI people in your area it would even be possible to sed up the fucking monster by ambushing him with a camera and a microphone and again ask him about the no alibi dates. The monster will not have an alibi. People inside the White House have told me that the FBI would not be allowed to investigate the Pentagon. Furthermore they do investigate crimes that got committed against people in Europe.

            But: It is very possible for any US citizen such as yourself to press criminal charges with the FBI or other police where you live against Wesley Clark for the long list of crimes that he has committed. The police is legally obligated to take down the criminal charges and they are also required by law to start an investigation. So the FBI or other US police does not have any legal reason to frustrate or ignore an investigation into the long list of crimes that Clark has committed.

            I have to say that both the FBI and the CID are very friendly and helpful everytime that I speak to them on the phone they do claim that they would need an official request from the police in Europe in order to be able and allowed to investigate. Nato claims that it would be very normal for the local police in the town where I live to take down the criminal charges and start to investigate.

            The fucking local police in Nimegen has aided Clark with the torture and there fore has no interest to investigate themselves, so they are now claiming that I would be ill. They will have a very difficult time proving that in a court of law because I have long list of witnesses and “Clark no alibi” dates. But I have to assume that a fucking government that is so corrupt as to assist Clark with the torture as the Dutch government is, will try to fabricate all sorts of things to try and make me look bad. The corrupt fucking dirt that passes for police in Nijmegen has been lying and twisting everything that I said for 4 years by now because they do under not circumstances want to investigate the long list of crimes that they have participated in.

            The nowadays Dutch King has admitted to me in 2010 and 2011 that the Dutch secret service AIVD is behind some of the very criminal behavior that the Dutch local police has.

  • Dale R Schaffner Sr.

    Hey gen this is SSGT Dale R Schaffner Sr Go Fuck yourself