Reporter Kidnapped By Radical Islamic Terrorists Exposes Shocking Truth About Obama

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British reporter Anthony Loyd is lucky to be alive. While covering the news of the Syrian civil war three years ago, he was kidnapped by some rotten, filthy, hateful Muslim terrorists, beaten, and held captive against his will. He finally gained his freedom, but had a major case of shell shock set in recently when he saw one of his original dirty, filthy, Muslim kidnappers celebrating a battle victory on the news. Worse yet, that former kidnapper, it turns out, is now on the payroll of the U.S. tax payers, working as one of Hussein Obama’s “moderate” rebels.

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The biggest reason the West cannot successfully fight a war and actually end it in the East is because they simply do not understand one simple fact about Eastern culture- there is no such thing as loyalty, other than to money.

While the scumbag who kidnapped the British journalist is working for ISIS one minute, when Hussein Obama comes along and offers him more money to work for the C.I.A., he will have no problem in jumping sides. However, the minute ISIS offers yet more money, he’ll jump back to ISIS. We’ve already seen this as ISIS has waited patiently for the U.S. to train and arm many Muslims in Syria, under the guise of “moderate rebels” and then offer them money to fight for ISIS which nearly every last one of them have.

Muslims cannot be reasoned with, and the only solution to the wars in the Middle East is to melt sand and make glass.

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