Refugee’s Coming To A Town Near You!!! Hand Picked By Obama!!! We Are Not Fooled!!!


As we watch hundreds of thousands of well developed, cowardly males who won’t fight for their country, we are supposed to believe they are “refugees?” They are not. They are INVADERS, told by imams to go on #Hijrah, jihad emigration, to turn Europe into an Islamic State. Any bleeding heart who is fooled can’t see with their own eyes, despite the lies coming from the main stream media, not to mention from Obama.

Coming to a town near you – we know which one Obama has picked.

terrorist to refugee 2

by Ann Inquirer‘s



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  • WKDNess

    You fuckin numbcunt, no the guy on the right IS NOT a refugee…he’s a steroid smuggler picked up by the Australian coastguard.

    Fuckin idiots.