Refugee Thinks He Can Steal From White Girl Because Of Her Size — BIG Mistake

refugee steals from white girl

These third world peasant maggots come to the advanced, prosperous nations of the West, and they maintain their peasant attitude that people in the West have what they have because it is “given” to them. We don’t work for it, in their views, so they think they shouldn’t have to work for anything either.

Check out these third world peasant scumbags who thought they could just take what they wanted from a store without paying. Thank God these young ladies are as fed up with these peasants as most of the rest of us are!

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  • flyingmonkey589

    Thank the POS Politicians for this barely human garbage. The people are the ones who will have to correct the mess that worthless Politicians have created. God bless her!

  • rebelmountainman

    One tough woman