Refugee Muslim pedophile who attacked a 13-year-old girl gets the crap beat out of him by her uncle!!!


PONTECAGNANO, SICILY: Muslim invader from Senegal tried to molest a 13-year-old girl while she was waiting at the bus stop. The pedophile approached her, started talking, then grabbed her violently by the arm and tried to pull her away.

DMF  Across the street, at The Bar Primavera, the girl’s paternal uncle saw what was happening to his niece and accompanied by a friend, rushed out to help her. According to witnesses, the two men started beating up the African, punching and kicking him until he collapsed, then continued to kick him in the genitals.

Affterwards, the Senegalese child rapist, while still lying on the ground, called the police, reporting the incident, after which they came and arrested the uncle. After 4 hours the uncle was released with a charge of willful personal injury that does not require incarceration. No information on how they will charge the attacker.

By BareNakedIslam


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  • TymTrav777Karen

    REMEMBER People – Islamic immigrants think it’s okay to rape any female, children – male & female, because THIS is Sharia! Perhaps this should be considered before welcoming them in! How about funding safe zones in safer areas in their own country or another muslim country, where they are “understood “!!! I vote for Saudi Arabia to open their deserts & we can send tents!

  • Joseph Vara

    Smart fella doing this in Sicilia, lmao!!

  • wowlikewow

    I would have finished the job, then the scumbag wouldn’t have been able to call the police!!!

  • wowlikewow

    “Does anyone know what happened to this man?” crowd sez “NOPE”

  • sharpin la

    Huh well that’s funny, this is also the photo on a story for Georgian prisoners getting beaten to a pulp with hammers by prison guards. Ahhh who needs accurracy when you can bash Muslims right?

    And no names? Nothing? just a hit piece and you all trust it. Well that’s damn sad.