Red Cracks Keep Showing Up In U.S., You’ll Never Believe What They Mean


Something VERY sinister is afoot in the U.S. It’s an evil that we thought only existed in movies and in the deepest darkest pits of third world country hell, however, it is happening right here in the United States.

Many people have been noticing these “red cracks” along the sidewalks and roadways of the U.S. They didn’t just magically appear for no reason. They have been put there by conscientious citizens who are very aware of the evil of which we speak and the cracks represent.


The cracks are made by filling in common cracks in the surface with sand that has been died red. The point is to raise awareness of the human trafficking issues taking place inside the U.S. where tens of thousands of girls and young women are sold into the sex slave trade. Yes, right here in the U.S.!


The project was started by a group going by #redsandproject. Tens of thousands of Asian ladies are transported into the U.S. to be used as sex slaves each year, but in recent times, with the recession, even girls born and bred here in the U.S. have fallen prey, being sold into sexual slavery by their parents.

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